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Developer(s) Chris Cooper
Stable release 0.9
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Test case management/QA
License MPL

Litmus is a web-based, open source, test case management/QA tool maintained by the Mozilla Corporation/Mozilla Foundation. Litmus can be downloaded from the Mozilla CVS server.

Mozilla uses the tool to test its own products. As of 2012, it is being replaced with MozTrap.[1]


Litmus depends on Apache (web server) and MySQL (database software). It also requires the following Perl modules:

  • Class::DBI
  • Class::DBI::mysql
  • Template
  • Time::Piece
  • Time::Piece::mysql
  • Time::Seconds
  • Date::Manip
  • HTML::StripScripts
  • HTML::StripScripts::Parser
  • Text::Markdown
  • XML::XPath

The use of the Apache module mod perl is highly recommended as it highly improves the performance of the software, but not required.


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