Little Angels Children's Folk Ballet of Korea

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Dancers of the Little Angels performed Buchaechum, a traditional Korean fan dance at a performing arts center in Seoul.
Hourglass drum dance

The Little Angels Children’s Folk Ballet of Korea is a dance troupe founded in 1962 by Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Church, to project a positive image of South Korea to the world.[1][2] In 1973 they performed at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.[3] The group’s dances are based on Korean legends and regional dances, and its costumes on traditional Korean styles. Choral singing by the troupe in many languages is also featured. [4]

In 2010 the Little Angels traveled to the United States to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. This was sponsored by the Korean War 60th Anniversary Memorial Committee, whose chairman, Bo Hi Pak, is the president of the Little Angels. [5] Later that year they traveled to the other 15 nations that had sent troops to support South Korea in the United Nations force.[6][7]

The Little Angels are supported financially by the Tongil Group, a South Korean business group associated with the Unification Church, through the Tongil Foundation.[8]

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