Little Bačka Canal

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Little Bačka Canal in Novi Sad
Little Bačka Canal near Rumenka

Little Bačka Canal (Serbian: Мали бачки канал/Mali bački kanal) is a canal in Serbia which runs from Mali Stapar (on Great Bačka Canal) to Novi Sad (on Danube). The canal is 66 km long and it is part of Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal system. The canal shortens waterway from Bezdan to Novi Sad by 75 km. Little Bačka Canal has 4 sluices. In the past, the canal was named after emperor Franz Josef (during Austrian rule) and king Alexander (during Kingdom of Yugoslavia).

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Coordinates: 45°16′02″N 19°52′03″E / 45.2672°N 19.8675°E / 45.2672; 19.8675