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Bart the Bear 2
Bart the Bear 2 with Doug Seus in 2010
Other name(s) Little Bart
Species Brown bear
Sex Male
Born (2000-01-20) January 20, 2000 (age 18)
near Paxson, Alaska, U.S.
Nation from United States
Occupation Bear Actor
Years active 2000 –
Owner Doug and Lynne Seus
Weight 1,300 lb (500 kg)
Height 8 ft 6 in (2.59 m)
Named after Bart the Bear
Bart the Bear 2 Official Website

Bart the Bear 2, also called Bart the Bear II, Bart 2, Bart II, or Little Bart (born January 20, 2000) is a male interior Alaskan brown bear actor who has appeared in several Hollywood films and television series, including An Unfinished Life, Into the Wild, We Bought a Zoo, and Game of Thrones.[1] His trainers are Doug Seus and Lynne Seus of Wasatch Rocky Mountain Wildlife, Inc., in Heber City, Utah. Bart 2 was named after the earlier Seus-trained bear actor Bart the Bear, although the two bears are not related.[1]

Early life[edit]

Bart 2 and his sister, Honey Bump, were born in January 2000. Within a few months, they were orphaned when their mother was shot and killed outside Paxson, Alaska. They were found by an Alaskan State Trooper, Gregory Fisher. Unable to survive on their own, they lived in the Fisher household with Greg’s wife, Mallie, and their two children, Hunter and Wyatt, before being officially adopted by Doug and Lynne Seus on April 26, 2000. Bart 2 was named after the Seus' well-known bear actor Bart the Bear, who died two weeks later in May, shortly after the Seuses adopted the cubs. Doug Seus decided to name the new male cub after the original Bart after seeing that he "had the same nature as the original Bart, and a lot of the attributes."[2][3] That same year, Bart 2 made his film debut along with Honey Bump in Dr. Dolittle 2, playing the offspring of the bear character "Archie" (who was played by another Seus-trained bear, Tank).[4]

The childhood and young adulthood of Bart 2 and Honey Bump were the focus of two episodes of the Animal Planet channel Growing Up... series. Growing Up Grizzly (2001), hosted by Brad Pitt, focused on the cubs' first year. A second episode, Growing Up Grizzly 2 (2004), hosted by Jennifer Aniston, updated viewers on Bart and Honey Bump's life.

As a cub and young adult bear, Bart 2 was often called "Little Bart". However, since growing to his adult size of 8' 6" (2.59 m) tall and 1,100 pounds (499 kg),[1] he has been more frequently called "Bart" or "Bart the Bear", with or without the addition of "2" or "II".


Like his predecessor Bart the Bear, Bart 2 has appeared in many Hollywood films and television series, and has also served as an ambassador for the Vital Ground Foundation, which procures threatened wildlife habitat.[2] He has appeared with Kevin James, Emile Hirsch, and Matt Damon.[3] His widely publicized 2013 appearance on the HBO TV series Game of Thrones, in which he was pitted against Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth, received rave reviews.[5][6]





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