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Little Big
Little Big Vidfest.jpg
From left to right: Sergey "Gokk" Makarov, Sophia Tayurskaya, Anton Lissov, Olympia Ivleva, Ilya "Ilich" Prusikin
Background information
Origin St. Petersburg[1], Russia
Years active 2013 (2013)-present
Labels Makarov Sergey,[7] Little Big Family,[8] Luxury Rec.[9]
Associated acts Jane Air[5][10]
  • Ilya "Ilich" Prusikin[3]
  • Sergey "Gokk" Makarov[3][11]
  • Sophia Tayurskaya[12]
  • Anton Lissov[13]
Past members
  • Olympia Ivleva[14]
  • Anna Kast

Little Big is a Russian rave band, founded in 2013 in St. Petersburg.[1] The set includes Ilya Ilich Prusikin, Sergey Gokk Makarov, Sophia Tayurskaya, Olympia Ivleva (up to April 2, 2018)[14][15][12][16] and Anton Boo Lissov.[13] The first full-length album, "With Russia From Love" was released on 17 March 2014.[16][17] Throughout its existence the group has released three albums[4][17] and nine singles.


The band made its debut on 1 April 2013, releasing their first video Every Day I'm Drinking.[18] They made their first public appearance on 2 July 2013 at the club A2,[11] opening for Die Antwoord.[3][10][11]

They have toured in Europe and Russia.[2][5][10][19][20][21][22] "This music is really in demand. We have not invested a single penny, just shot video, and became known in Europe", Ilya Prusikin said in an interview with UTV.[23]

On 19 December 2015, the band released their second album "Funeral Rave".[4] It finished 8th in the chart Russian iTunes for the 52nd week of 2015.[24]

On 21 May 2016, videos for the songs Give Me Your Money and Big Dick received a prize at the Berlin Music Video Awards 2016.[5][25][26] Big Dick won first place in the category of Most Trashy,[27][28] and Give Me Your Money won third place in the category Best Performer.[29] Big Dick, with over 41 million views,[30][31] is full of sexual imagery and overtones.[32]

"We just want to show people that they own their lives. Countries and governments are not as important as they think a person can deal with, what he wants", said frontman Ilya Prusikin on the purpose of the band in an interview with Noisey.[33]

The band has its own label "Little Big Family", which includes such artists as: Little Big (2016–present), The Hatters (2016–present), Tatarka (2016–present), Хлеб (2017–present), Lizer (2018–present).

In April 2018 Olympia decided to leave the band.[14]

Little Big achieved viral success upon the release of the video for "Skibidi" on October 5, 2018. The video features a dance that became popular when others tried to imitate it as part of the "Skibidi Challenge".[34]

Musical style[edit]

The team calls itself a satirical art collaboration,[3] which relies on the music, visuals, and on the show.[3] The Little Big beats, mocks in each of its track and clip on various national stereotypes[33] about Russia.[10] All the videos are filmed by co-founder of the band Alina Pasok[3] The band shoots and produces all of their own music videos.[10]

Due to the fact that the first concert took place at the opening act for Die Antwoord, the band was immediately dubbed "The Russian Die Antwoord",[3][33] and is often compared with this band.[35] Vice also called Little Big "a Russian mental patient's answer to Die Antwoord."[22] Other critics point out that while Little Big has an identity of its own, it also exposes the listener to Russian folk songs and Russian culture.[36]

The band states that it was influenced by a variety of musicians, from Cannibal Corpse, NOFX, RHCP, Rammstein, and The Prodigy to Mozart and Vivaldi.[23][37]


  • With Russia From Love (2014)[38]
  • Funeral Rave (2015)[4]
  • Antipositive, Pt. 1 (2018)
  • Antipositive, Pt. 2 (2018)
  • Everyday I'm Drinking (2013)[40]
  • We Will Push The Button (2013)
  • Russian Hooligans (2013)
  • Life In Da Trash (2013)
  • With Russia From Love (2014)
  • Dead Unicorn (2014)[41]
  • Kind Inside, Hard Outside (2015)[42]
  • Give Me Your Money (feat. Tommy Cash) (2015)[43]
  • U Can Take (Tatarka feat. Little Big) (2016)[44]
  • Lolly Bomb (2017)[45]
Music videos
  • 2013 — Everyday I’m Drinking[46]
  • 2013 — We Will Push The Button[47]
  • 2013 — Russian Hooligans[48]
  • 2013 — Life In Da Trash[49]
  • 2014 — Public Enemy[50]
  • 2014 — Dead Unicorn[51]
  • 2014 — With Russia From Love[52]
  • 2015 — Kind Inside, Hard Outside[53]
  • 2015 — Give Me Your Money (feat. Tommy Cash)[54]
  • 2016 — Big Dick[55]
  • 2016 — Hateful Love[56]
  • 2016 — Polyushko Polye[57]
  • 2017 — U Can Take (Tatarka feat. Little Big)[44]
  • 2017 — Rave On[39]
  • 2017 — LollyBomb[58]
  • 2018 — Punks Not Dead[59]
  • 2018 — Faradenza[60]
  • 2018 — Ak-47[61]
  • 2018 — Skibidi[62]

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