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Little Bird (TV series)

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Little Bird
Country of originCanada
Original release
ReleaseMay 26, 2023 (2023-05-26)

Little Bird is a Canadian drama television series, which premiered on Crave and APTN lumi on May 26, 2023.[1] Created by Jennifer Podemski and Hannah Moscovitch with the participation of Jeremy Podeswa as an executive producer, the series centres on a First Nations woman who was adopted into a Jewish family during the Sixties Scoop, as she attempts to reconnect with her birth family and heritage.[2]

The series stars Darla Contois as Esther Rosenblum/Bezhig Little Bird, alongside Ellyn Jade, Osawa Muskwa, Joshua Odjick, Imajyn Cardinal, Mathew Strongeagle, Eric Schweig, Lisa Edelstein, Braeden Clarke and Michelle Thrush in supporting roles, with episodes directed by Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers and Zoe Hopkins.[3]

The series was created concurrently with, but separately from, the drama series Unsettled.


The series, the first original drama series to be commissioned by Crave since its rebranding from The Movie Network in 2018, is distributed by Crave, APTN, and APTN Lumi.[2]


  • Darla Contois as Bezhig Little Bird/Esther Rosenblum, a young woman born on the Long Pine Reserve in Saskatchewan. Although her family is devoted and loving, Bezhig and two of her siblings are apprehended by Child Protection Services after an incident with Bezhig, her brother Niizh, and the police. Bezhig is ultimately adopted by an affluent Jewish family in Montreal, eventually completing law school and becoming engaged to David, a doctor. Despite her accomplishments, Bezhig still struggles to be accepted by David’s family, which eventually spurs her to seek out her birth family in Saskatchewan.
  • Lisa Edelstein as Golda Rosenblum, Bezhig/Esther’s adopted mother. Now divorced, Golda is shown to be somewhat withdrawn and skeptical of middle class society.
  • Ellyn Jade as Patti Little Bird, the birth mother of Bezhig and her siblings. Although initially soft spoken and gentle, Patti is forced to fight to try to regain custody of her three younger children.
  • Osawa Muskwa as Morris Little Bird, Bezhig’s birth father. On the day his three younger children are apprehended, Morris has taken his elder son Leo on his first hunt. Morris is shown to be a devoted and protective husband and father.
  • Joshua Odjick as Niizh, the younger Little Bird son who is apprehended with his sisters.
  • Imajyn Cardinal as Dora Mueller, Bezhig’s younger sister who is adopted into a strict family in Saskatchewan; she tells Esther/Bezhig she has run away from home.
  • Braeden Clarke as Leo Little Bird, Bezhig’s elder brother. On the day his siblings are apprehended, Leo goes on his first hunt with his father.
  • Janet Kidder as Jeannie, a senior case worker with Child Protective Services who has the younger Little Bird children apprehended. She is seen to be unwavering in her belief that she is saving indigenous children by removing them from their families and easily equates the Little Bird home’s modesty and traditional parenting with neglect.
  • Alanna Bale as Adele, a trainee case worker under Jeannie when the Little Bird children are apprehended. Adele is disturbed by Jeannie’s methods and mentality, but rarely voices this.
  • Eric Schweig as Asin
  • Michelle Thrush as Brigit


No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date [4]Canada viewers
1"Love is all Around"Elle-Máijá TailfeathersHannah MoscovitchMay 26, 2023 (2023-05-26)N/A

This episode cuts back and forth between the day she was taken from her family in 1968 and her engagement party in 1985.

1968, Long Pine Reserve, Saskatchewan: Bezhig Little Bird lives with her parents and three siblings. While her father and eldest brother, Leo, are out hunting, her youngest sister Dora falls ill. She is with her brother Niizh when he accidentally breaks the windshield of a police car while playing with a slingshot. They are apprehended by the police and social service workers are brought to inspect their home. They find the living conditions inadequate, and the children are removed from their home and brought to an orphanage.

1985, Montreal: Bezhig, now known as Esther Rosenblum, is celebrating her engagement to her fiance, David. She was adopted by a Jewish family residing in Montreal, and is completing her first year of law school. During the party, she is praised by family members for her academic success, and makes a toast thanking her family and her fiance. She overhears her future mother-in-law making racist comments about her, and leaves the party early, comforted by her adoptive mother Golda.
2"So Put Together"UnknownUnknownJune 2, 2023 (2023-06-02)N/A
3"The Land that Takes You"UnknownUnknownJune 9, 2023 (2023-06-09)N/A
4"Burning Down The House"UnknownUnknownJune 16, 2023 (2023-06-16)N/A
5"I Want My Mom"UnknownUnknownJune 23, 2023 (2023-06-23)N/A
6"Bineshi Kwe"UnknownUnknownJune 30, 2023 (2023-06-30)N/A

Coming Home: Wanna Icipus Kupi, a documentary film profiling the real-life stories of actual Sixties Scoop survivors, was released on June 30 concurrently with the final episode of the series.[5]


List of awards and nominations
Year Award Category Recipients Result Ref.

12th Canadian Screen Awards

Best Drama Series Jennifer Podemski, Hannah Moscovitch, Christina Fon, Ernest Webb, Catherine Bainbridge, Linda Ludwick, Kim Todd, Nicholas Hirst, Zoe Hopkins, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Jeremy Podeswa, Christian Vesper, Dante Di Loreto, Tanya Brunel, Jessica Dunn, Claire MacKinnon, Philippe Chabot, Lori Lozinski, Ellen Rutter Won [6]
Best Direction, Drama Series; episode: Love is all Around Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers Won [6]
Best Direction, Drama Series; episode Bineshi Kwe Zoe Hopkins Nominated [7]
Best Lead Performer, Drama Series Darla Contois Won [6]
Best Lead Performer, Drama Series Ellyn Jade Nominated [7]
Best Guest Performance, Drama Series Imajyn Cardinal Nominated
Best Supporting Performer, Drama Series Braeden Clarke Won [6]
Best Ensemble Performance, Drama Darla Contois, Ellyn Jade, Osawa Muskwa, Lisa Edelstein, Michelle Thrush, Braeden Clarke, Imajyn Cardinal, Joshua Odjick Won [6]
Best Achievement in Casting, Fiction Lisa Parasyn, Carmen Kotyk Won [6]


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