Little Blue River (Missouri)

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Little Blue River is a 45.4-mile-long (73.1 km)[1] stream in Jackson County, Missouri, United States, that gave its name to the Battle of Little Blue River during the American Civil War. It rises in the southern Jackson County town of Grandview and empties into the Missouri River just west of the town of Sibley. The Little Blue was named for its smaller size relative to nearby Blue River.[2]


Confluence with the Missouri River in Jackson County, Missouri: 39°12′28″N 94°13′07″W / 39.20778°N 94.21856°W / 39.20778; -94.21856 (Little Blue River mouth)[3]
Cass County, Missouri: 38°49′44″N 94°31′52″W / 38.82890°N 94.53106°W / 38.82890; -94.53106 (Little Blue River source)[3]

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