Little Brown Jug (horse race)

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Little Brown Jug
Pacing Triple Crown race
Location County Fairgrounds, Delaware, Ohio,
Inaugurated 1946
Race type Harness race for Standardbred pacers
Race information
Distance 1 mile
(1,609 meters or 8 furlongs)
Surface Dirt, 1/2 mile oval
Track Delaware County Fairgrounds racetrack
Qualification 3-year-olds

The Little Brown Jug is a harness race for three-year-old pacing standardbreds hosted by the Delaware County Agricultural Society since 1946 at the Delaware County Fairgrounds racetrack in Delaware, Ohio. The race takes place every year on the third Thursday after Labor Day. Along with the Hambletonian, a race for trotters, it is one of the two most coveted races for Standardbred horses. Little Brown Jug, a pacer, who won nine consecutive races and became a USTA Hall of Fame Immortal in 1975 had the world's premium pacing event is named in his honour.[1]

The race is the counterpart to the Jugette for three-year-old fillies.


It began in 1937 when the Delaware County Agricultural Society's members, at their annual meeting, voted to move the County Fair, held since its inception at Powell, to Delaware on a tract of land at the northern edge of the city. Two years later a half-mile track was built and provided the stage for harness racing. R.K. McNamara, a local contractor, designed and built the lightning fast track. Enter attorney Joe Neville, whose family had been identified with the standardbred sport for many years, and his friend, Henry C. "Hank" Thomson, sports editor of The Delaware Gazette. Neville, who had campaigned horses on the Grand Circuit and was familiar with its officers and stewards, was successful in obtaining Grand Circuit dates for the new Delaware track. Neville, concerned over the years by the emphasis placed on the trotter, turned his efforts toward showcasing the pacers, particularly the 3-year-olds. The Little Brown Jug Society was formed to stage the Grand Circuit meeting. Neville headed the organization with Thomson as secretary-treasurer. Then came the birth of the Little Brown Jug, named through a newspaper contest, with its previews in 1944 and 1945. The initial Jug in 1946, with a purse of $35,358, was won by Ensign Hanover with Delaware's Wayne "Curly" Smart driving. Smart, a most successful trainer-driver on the Grand Circuit, was later to become an integral part of the Jug's operation as the track superintendent. Over the years the track monopolized the half-mile record section with world standard performances, mainly through Smart's skill in maintaining the fastest racing strip of its size in the country.

Through its humble beginnings, the Jug grew slowly to become perhaps the most traditional stake on the pacing gait. In 1956 the Jug provided the anchor for the newly designated Triple Crown of Pacing to go along with The Cane Pace at Yonkers (N.Y.) Raceway and the Messenger Stake then at Roosevelt Raceway in Westbury, N.Y. [2] The Little Brown Jug is contested in heats. The first heat is split into several divisions, with the top finishers in each division returning to contest the second heat. A horse wins the Little Brown Jug by winning both heats. If a horse does not win both heats, a race off is conducted between the first heat division winners, and the winner of the second heat, to determine the champion.

The Little Brown Jug is the third and final leg of the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Pacers.[3]

Ever since 1946 the administrators of the Little Brown Jug have glazed the winners of the horse race on a jug. In 2005, they ran out of room on the first jug and had to make another one. This time, instead of making it out of clay, they made it out of plastic so it would be lighter. The Little Brown Jug is played during the Delaware county fair.


Most wins by a driver
Most wins by a trainer
  • 6 – Billy Haughton (1955, 1964, 1968, 1969, 1974, 1985)
Stakes record

Little Brown Jug winners[edit]

2017 Filibuster Hanover Yannick Gingras Ron Burke Burke Racing Stable, J DiScala Jr, J & T Silva Stables and W Bruscemi 1:50 0/0 $590,000
2016 Betting Line David Miller Casie Coleman West Wins Stable, Christine Calhoun, Mac T. Nichol 1:49 0/0 $577,000
2015 Wiggle It Jiggleit Montrell Teague Clyde Francis George Teague Jr. Inc. 1:49 3/5 $677,000
2014 Limelight Beach Yannick Gingras Ron Burke Burke Racing Stable, Weaver Bruscemi, M1 Stable, & Wingfield Bros 1:50 4/5 $647,500
2013 Vegas Vacation Brian Sears Casie Coleman West Wins Stable, A. Sorella, A. Beaton, P. Saunders 1:50 0/0 $552,551
2012 Michael's Power Scott Zeron Casie Coleman Jeffrey S. Snyder 1:50 0/0 $487,550
2011 Big Bad John David Miller Ron Potter Winchester Baye Acres 1:50 0/0 $526,800
2010 Rock N Roll Heaven Daniel Dubé Bruce Saunders Frank J. Bellino 1:49 2/5 $604,100
2009 Well Said Ronald Pierce Steve Elliott Jeffrey S. Snyder & Lothlorien 1:51 4/5 $609,150
2008 Shadow Play David Miller Ian Moore Ian Moore, Serge Savard, R G McGroup 1:50 1/5 $555,000
2007 Tell All Jody Jamieson Blair Burgess My Desire Stable 1:52 0/0 $480,000
2006 Mr. Feelgood Mark J. MacDonald Jimmy Takter Canamerica Cptl, Diversity Stable & Lindy Farm 1:50 3/5 $541,000
2005 P-Forty Seven Dave Palone Kelly O'Donnell M. Maynard, K. O'Donnell & C. Ed Mullinax 1:52 1/5 $569,032
2004 Timesareachanging Ronald Pierce Brett Pelling Perfect World Enterprises 1:51 3/5 $571,500
2003 No Pan Intended David Miller Ivan Sugg Peter Pan Stables Inc. (Robert Glazer) 1:53 0/0 $605,050
2002 Million Dollar Cam Luc Ouellette William Robinson Jeffrey S. Snyder 1:50 2/5 $618,625
2001 Bettor's Delight Michel Lachance Scott McEneny John B. Grant 1:51 4/5 $646,050
2000 Astreos Charalambos Christoforou Brett Pelling M. Chrysomilas, C. Christoforou & Banjo Farms 1:55 3/5 $547,972
1999 Blissful Hall Ronald Pierce Benjamin Wallace Daniel Plouffe 1:55 3/5 $543,980
1998 Shady Character Ronald Pierce Brett Pelling Sanford & Corinne Goldfarb 1:52 3/5 $566,630
1997 Western Dreamer Michel Lachance William Robinson Matthew J., Patrick J. Jr. & Daniel J. Daly 1:51 1/5 $605,210
1996 Armbro Operative Jack Moiseyev Brendan Johnson Thomas Walsh, Jr. & David McDuffee 1:52 3/5 $542,240
1995 Nick's Fantasy John Campbell Caroline Lyon Markenjay Stud 1:51 2/5 $543,670
1994 Magical Mike Michel Lachance Thomas Haughton Shadow Lane Farm & David McDuffee 1:52 3/5 $512,830
1993 Life Sign John Campbell Gene Riegle Brittany Farms 1:52 0/0 $465,500
1992 Fake Left Ron Waples George Sholty Status Stables Inc. 1:54 4/5 $556,210
1991 Precious Bunny Jack Moiseyev William Robinson R. Peter Heffering 1:55 0/0 $575,150
1990 Beach Towel Ray Remmen Larry Remmen Uptown Stable 1:53 3/5 $468,050
1989 Goalie Jeff Michel Lachance Thomas Artandi Centre Ice Stable 1:54 1/5 $500,200
1988 B. J. Scoot Michel Lachance Thomas Artandi Sybarite Stable 1:52 3/5 $486,050
1987 Jaguar Spur Richard Stillings Charles "Buddy" Stillings Roy D. Davis & Barberry Farms 1:55 3/5 $412,330
1986 Barberry Spur Bill O'Donnell Richard Stillings Roy D. Davis & Barberry Farms 1:52 4/5 $407,684
1985 Nihilator Bill O'Donnell Billy Haughton Wall Street Stable & Nihilator Syndicate 1:52 1/5 $350,730
1984 Colt Fortysix Chris Boring Chris Boring Proudfoot Farms 1:55 2/5 $366,717
1983 Ralph Hanover Ron Waples Stewart Firlotte Ron Waples, Pointsetta Stables, Grants Direct Stables & P. J. Baugh 1:55 3/5 $358,800
1982 Merger John Campbell John Campbell J. Campbell, D. Morrisey, P. Ord, W. Muldering 1:56 3/5 $328,900
1981 Fan Hanover Glen Garnsey William Smythe J. Glen Brown 1:58 4/5 $243,779
1980 Niatross Clint Galbraith Clint Galbraith Clint Galbraith, Elsie Berger, Niatross Stable 1:54 4/5 $207,361
1979 Hot Hitter Hervé Filion Louis Meittinis Solomon Katz, S A J Ranch Ltd., Alterman Stables 1:55 3/5 $226,455
1978 Happy Escort William Popfinger William Popfinger Keystone Arbor Stable 2:00 4/5 $186,760
1977 Governor Skipper John Chapman Howard "Buck" Norris Ivanhoe Stable 1:56 2/5 $150,000
1976 Keystone Ore Stanley Dancer Stanley Dancer F&F Perry, R. Jones, S.F. Dancer, R.L. Dancer & R. Hild 1:57 2/5 $153,799
1975 Seatrain Benny Webster Lee Benson Lee Benson 1:59 4/5 $147,813
1974 Armbro Omaha Billy Haughton Billy Haughton J. Elgin Armstrong 1:58 4/5 $132,630
1973 Melvin's Woe Joe O'Brien Joe O'Brien Thurman Downing 1:59 2/5 $120,000
1972 Strike Out Keith Waples John Hayes Beejay Stable 1:56 3/5 $104,916
1971 Nansemond Hervé Filion Charles O. Mumford F. Perry, W. Camp, Jr., Capital Hill Farms 1:57 2/5 $102,964
1970 Most Happy Fella Stanley Dancer Stanley Dancer Egyptian Acres Stable 1:57 3/5 $100,110
1969 Laverne Hanover Billy Haughton Billy Haughton Thomas W. Murphy, Jr. 2:00 2/5 $109,731
1968 Rum Customer Billy Haughton Billy Haughton Louis & Connie Manucuso & Kennilworth Farm 1:59 3/5 $104,226
1967 Best Of All James Hackett James Hackett Samuel Huttenbauer 2:00 0/0 $84,778
1966 Romeo Hanover George Sholty Jerry Silverman Lucky Star Stables & Morton Finder 1:59 3/5 $74,616
1965 Bret Hanover Frank Ervin Frank Ervin Richard Downing 1:57 0/0 $71,447
1964 Vicar Hanover Billy Haughton Billy Haughton Donald D. MacFarlane 2:01 0/0 $66,590
1963 Overtrick John F. Patterson, Sr. John F. Patterson, Sr. Allwood Stable (Leonard J. & Helen R. Buck) 1:57 3/5 $68,294
1962 Lehigh Hanover Stanley Dancer Stanley Dancer Lehigh Stables 1:59 3/5 $75,039
1961 Henry T. Adios Stanley Dancer Stanley Dancer Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Derrico 2:05 0/0 $70,069
1960 Bullet Hanover John F. Simpson, Sr. John F. Simpson, Sr. T. W. Murphy, Jr., J. F. Simpson, Hanover Shoe Farm 1:59 3/5 $66,510
1959 Adios Butler Clint Hodgins Paige H. West Paige H. West & Angelo Pellillo 2:00 4/5 $76,582
1958 Shadow Wave Joe O'Brien Joe O'Brien S. A. Camp Farms 2:01 0/0 $65,252
1957 Torpid John F. Simpson, Sr. John F. Simpson, Sr. Sherwood Farm 2:03 4/5 $73,528
1956 Noble Adios John F. Simpson, Sr. John F. Simpson, Sr. Paul Wixom 2:00 4/5 $52,666
1955 Quick Chief Billy Haughton Billy Haughton Farmsted Acres & John Froelich 2:00 2/5 $66,608
1954 Adios Harry Morris MacDonald Morris MacDonald J. Howard Lyons 2:03 2/5 $69,322
1953 Keystoner Frank Ervin Frank Ervin George H. Tipling 2:09 3/5 $54,972
1952 Meadow Rice T. Wayne Smart Delvin Miller William G. Reynolds 2:02 3/5 $60,463
1951 Tar Heel Del Cameron Delvin Miller William N. Reynolds Estate 2:00 0/0 $66,280
1950 Dudley Hanover Delvin Miller Delvin Miller Hayes Fair Acres 2:03 2/5 $56,525
1949 Good Time Frank Ervin Frank Ervin William H. Cane 2:03 2/5 $58,281
1948 Knight Dream Franklin E. Safford Franklin E. Safford Armstrong Bros & Gray Bros 2:07 1/5 $47,528
1947 Forbes Chief Del Cameron Del Cameron Newport Stock Farm 2:05 0/0 $38,200
1946 Ensign Hanover T. Wayne Smart Sep Palin Castleton Farm 2:07 1/5 $35,358


Coordinates: 40°19′01″N 83°04′29″W / 40.31687°N 83.074807°W / 40.31687; -83.074807