Little Cacapon Mountain

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Little Cacapon Mountain
Ginevan Cemetery Little Cacapon WV 2008 10 13 03.jpg
Little Cacapon Mountain viewed from Ginevan Cemetery near Little Cacapon, West Virginia.
Highest point
Elevation 1,575 ft (480 m)
Coordinates 39°21′00″N 78°36′37″W / 39.3500986°N 78.6102908°W / 39.3500986; -78.6102908Coordinates: 39°21′00″N 78°36′37″W / 39.3500986°N 78.6102908°W / 39.3500986; -78.6102908[1]
Location Hampshire County. West Virginia, U.S.
Parent range Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians
Topo map USGS Hanging Rock, Levels
Easiest route Hike, drive

Little Cacapon Mountain (local /kəˈkpən/ kə-KAY-pən or local /ˈkpən/ KAY-pən) is a mountain ridge of the Ridge-and-valley Appalachians in Hampshire County, West Virginia, United States. The mountain takes its name from the Little Cacapon River, a Potomac River tributary that lies on its western flanks. Little Cacapon Mountain reaches its highest point of 1,575 feet (480 m) in the vicinity of Barnes Mill. It spans from the Frenchburg area, where it is joined by Chestnut Oak Ridge, to the Slanesville Pike where Crooked Run forms a gap between Little Cacapon Mountain and Queens Ridge near Higginsville.



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