Little Ferry Circle

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Little Ferry Circle
Little Ferry, New Jersey
Coordinates: 40°51′10″N 74°02′02″W / 40.8529°N 74.0340°W / 40.8529; -74.0340 (Little Ferry Circle)
Roads at
US 46
Bergen Turnpike
Type: Traffic circle

The Little Ferry Circle is a traffic circle connecting U.S. Route 46 and Bergen Turnpike in Little Ferry, New Jersey.[1]

The circle was originally constructed in 1933. The circle was largely reconstructed in 1985, allowing vehicles travelling on Route 46 to pass directly through the circle.[1] Further improvements in 1998 which involved condemnation of adjacent properties led to a 73-page court decision.[2]

The circle has been a constant site of accidents, with 40-50 accident per year at the circle each year from 2004 through 2006.[1]

In March 2007, the New Jersey Department of Transportation proposed its latest plan to address issues at the circle. The plan would realign the circle into a straight intersection, complete with turning lanes; prohibit left turns onto many residential streets; and would include construction of a pump station to move water off the oft-flooded highway and into the Hackensack River.[3][1]

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