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"Little Guitars"
Single by Van Halen
from the album Diver Down
ReleasedApril 14, 1982
GenreHard rock
Length3:49, :43 (intro)
LabelWarner Bros. Records
Songwriter(s)Michael Anthony / David Lee Roth / Alex Van Halen / Eddie Van Halen
Producer(s)Ted Templeman

"Little Guitars" is a song performed by Van Halen. It was included on their album Diver Down.

The song is notable for its intro, an acoustic flamenco-style solo by Eddie Van Halen. This was accomplished by using his right hand to pick a single-note trill on the high E string. He then used his left hand to play the melody on the A and D strings using hammer-ons and pull-offs.

Eddie Van Halen with the custom mini-Les Paul in 1984.

In addition to the intro, the song is also notable for the mini-Les Paul guitar that Edward used for the main track. This is the only Van Halen recording that the guitar was used for. The mini-Les Paul was made by Nashville luthier David Petschulat, and was pitched and sold to Eddie during a tour stop in Nashville, Tennessee. Eddie purchased a second mini-LP guitar that was then built to slightly different specs; the first being a honey-sunburst with mini-humbuckers, and the second being dark wine-red with a thicker body and full-size humbuckers.[2]


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