Little Hawk (Crazy Horse's brother)

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Little Hawk (1842–1871) is the younger half brother of the famous Oglala warrior Crazy Horse # 3 (1840–1877). He was the offspring of the remarriage of Worm, Crazy Horse's # 2 widowed father, to a pair of sisters of the Brulé Lakota chief Spotted Tail, Iron Between Horns and Kills Enemy.

The name Little Hawk was given to Crazy Horse's 3 Little brother by uncle Little Hawk, who then took the name Long Face. Crazy Horse's half-brother, Little Hawk, was killed in 1871, on a war expedition south of the Platte River. His uncle abandoned his name Long Face and took back the name Little Hawk again. Tribal elders were said to have believed that Crazy Horse's half-brother would have been a Greater man than his brother, had he had lived, suggesting that the namesake Little Hawk was held in high esteem among the Oglala for his abilities. COUSIN: LUKE Littlehawk (bald head), Chasing in Morning, Many Cartridge, Made an Enemy, Hard to Kill, Yellow Wolf, IRON Tail,Touch the Cloud, Flying Hawk, kicking bear, black fox 2, Eagle Thunder, Walking Eagle...