Little Heart's Ease, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Nice Day in the Bay

Little Heart's Ease is a community on the Southwest Arm on the east coast of Newfoundland, southeast of Clarenville. The Post Office was established in 1893. The first Postmaster was Eli Martin. It had a population of 443 in 1996. About 1612 it was referred as "Hearts Ease" by Governor John Guy of Cupids, as did Sir Richard Whitbourne , Governor of Renews. It was known for its fishing activity and as a very secure harbour for schooners. Today long-liners and draggers still enjoy its protection. Heart's Ease Beach was one of the first harbours known to the colonists from Poole, England who arrived during the 1600s.

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Coordinates: 48°01′N 53°41′W / 48.017°N 53.683°W / 48.017; -53.683