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For Frank Dickinson's house of the same name, see Little Holland House, Carshalton.
Photograph of Little Holland House.

Little Holland House was the dower house of Holland House in Kensington, England.[1] It was at one point occupied by Charles Richard Fox and his wife, Lady Mary Fox, daughter of King William IV. Henry Thoby Prinsep, a director of East India Company family, gained a 21-year lease on it from Henry Fox, 4th Baron Holland thanks to the painter George Frederic Watts, a friend of both the Hollands and the Prinseps. Watts, the Prinseps and Henry's sisters-in-law such as Julia Margaret Cameron lived, worked and entertained here for 21 years, making it the centre of their salon.

When the lease expired in 1871, the Prinseps moved out and the Hollands demolished the building. Thobey Prinsep then leased a large plot of land on Melbury Road (abutting the estate of Lord Leighton) from the Earl of Ilchester, part of which he gave to Watts. On his plot, Watts had Frederick Cockerell build New Little Holland House, in which he lived from 1876 until his death in 1904.[2] The house was later demolished in 1964 after attempts by the London County Council (LCC) to place a building preservation order fell through. In its place an Austin Blomfield block of flats, named Kingfisher House, was erected and continues to occupy the site.[citation needed]


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