Little India, Penang

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Little India
Other transcription(s)
 • Tamilலிட்டில் இந்தியா
 • Chinese小印度
Little India, Penang is located in central George Town, Penang
Little India, Penang
Location within George Town's UNESCO World Heritage Site (purple)
Coordinates: 5°25′04″N 100°20′19″E / 5.417742°N 100.338556°E / 5.417742; 100.338556Coordinates: 5°25′04″N 100°20′19″E / 5.417742°N 100.338556°E / 5.417742; 100.338556
Country Malaysia
State Penang
CityGeorge Town
 • Local governmentPenang Island City Council
Time zoneUTC+8 (MST)
Postal code
Area code(s)+604

Little India (Tamil: குட்டி இந்தியா) is an ethnic Indian enclave located in the city of George Town, Penang. The oldest Hindu temple in Penang, Sri Mahamariamman Temple is located here.[1]


B.Mathavan Store at the Little India

The Little India is also main business district in Georgetown, Penang. Various Indian related business can be found here. Although, majority of business here were owned by the Indian there also small number of Chinese owned shop. There are many Indian fashion store (Mainly in Market Street), they sell mostly saree, silk and cotton, almost anything that has the essence of India. Traditional costumes, spices, precious gold and costume jewelry which use semi-precious gems are widely sales by the most of the shops. There also large number of restaurant and cafe which sales Indian culinary and western foods. There are also music video stores with the latest Bollywood movies and songs.[2]


Sentral College Penang located in the Little India Zone. The hostel of Penang Disted College, Disted Space also located in the zone. Meanwhile, SEGi College Penang located at Greenhall, which is just a walking distance from Little India.

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