Little Jimmy Corkhill

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Little Jimmy Corkhill
Brookside character
Portrayed by George Christopher
Duration 1991-92, 1996
First appearance 11 November 1991
Last appearance 29 November 1996
Created by Phil Redmond
Classification Former; regular

"Little" James 'Jimmy' Corkhill Jr. is a fictional character in the defunct Channel 4 soap opera Brookside. He was portrayed by George Christopher and first appeared between 1991 and 1992.[1] Little Jimmy resented his father, Jimmy for a number of years having caught him having sex with his aunt, Val Walker.

In 1996, Little Jimmy returned to Brookside close after spending time in a French prison for drug-related offences. On his release, he returned home, with Jimmy Corkhill (in a transit van on a ferry from France). Jimmy and Jackie were then determined to wean him off his addiction. This did not happen, and at a real low point for the Corkhills, Jimmy senior bowed to his son's wishes, who was going through cold turkey, and supplied him with a heroin fix. However the catalyst for little Jimmy's fate was when mother, Jackie Corkhill discovered he had smuggled a large amount of heroin back into Britain, strapping it to his abdomen. In a fit of rage she then managed to get hold of it and flushed it down the toilet of the family home. A few months later, two gangster figures came looking for Jimmy, presumably to collect on the heroin that they had laid Jimmy on with. They met Ron Dixon at the Parade, who mistook them for plain clothes Detectives and gave them the Corkhills' address at the close. He did this with glee, in order to get one back at Jimmy senior, who he had a long feud with. Little Jimmy's body was later found by his dad after being murdered by the drug dealers that were looking for him.


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