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The Latin America Region has competed in the Little League World Series since its creation in 1958.[1] Until 2001, the Latin America Region included Mexico and the Caribbean. In 2001 – when the Little League World Series expanded to sixteen teams – Mexico and the Caribbean were given their own regions. The region is open to all Latin American teams, but is typically contested by the teams from Panama and Venezuela. Other than those two nations, only Colombia, Ecuador (in 2004[2] and 2011), and Brazil (in 2006[3] and 2011) have sent representatives to the tournament from South America. Since the 2001 split, the region has been represented by either Venezuela (ten appearances) or Panama (six appearances) at the Little League World Series.

Teams from Latin America have won the LLWS title five times, but only four were as the Latin America Region champion. The Industrial Little League of Monterrey, Mexico, won back-to-back titles in 1957 and 1958, but the first title was as the champion of the South Region.[1] The other three LLWS championships were won by Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Mexico, in 1997, and Maracaibo, Venezuela, in 1994 and 2000.

Region champions[edit]

Year Host Champion City Result
1957 Industrial Mexico Monterrey Champions[1]
1958 Industrial Mexico Monterrey Champions[1]
1959 San Juan Puerto Rico San Juan Quarterfinals
1960 Industrial Mexico Monterrey 4th Place
1961 Industrial Mexico Monterrey 3rd Place
1962 Del Norte Mexico Monterrey 4th Place
1963 Obispado Mexico Monterrey 5th Place
1964 Obispado Mexico Monterrey Runners-up
1965 Zulia Venezuela Maracaibo 7th Place
1966 Cuauhtémoc Mexico Monterrey 6th Place
1967 Linares Mexico Linares 4th Place
1968 Chinandega Nicaragua Chinandega 7th Place
1969 Jorge Rosas Puerto Rico Mayagüez 6th Place
1970 Chinandega Nicaragua Chinandega 3rd Place
1971 Caguas Gillette Puerto Rico Caguas 5th Place
1972 Admiral Gallery Puerto Rico San Juan 4th Place
1973 Mitras Mexico Monterrey 6th Place
1974 Coquivacoa Venezuela Maracaibo 4th Place
1975 International teams were banned by Little League
1976 Puerto Nuevo Puerto Rico San Juan 3rd Place
1977 Coquivacoa Venezuela Maracaibo 4th Place
1978 La Javilla Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 4th Place
1979 Luis Llorens Torres Puerto Rico Santurce 5th Place
1980 Pabao Curaçao Willemstad 5th Place
1981 Unidad Modelo Mexico Monterrey 7th Place
1982 Coquivacoa Venezuela Maracaibo 5th Place
1983 Liquito Hernández Dominican Republic Barahona Runners-up
1984 Willys R. Cook Panama Bethania 5th Place
1985 Coquivacoa Venezuela Maracaibo 5th Place
1986 Coquivacoa Venezuela Maracaibo 4th Place
1987 Rolando Paulino Dominican Republic Moca 3rd Place
1988 Curundú Panama Curundú 7th Place
1989 Coquivacoa Venezuela Maracaibo 3rd Place
1990 Matamoros Mexico Matamoros 5th Place
1991 Luis Montas Dominican Republic San Cristobal 3rd Place
1992 Epy Guerrero Dominican Republic Santo Domingo T-3rd Place
1993 David Doleguita Panama David Runner Up
1994 Coquivacoa Venezuela Maracaibo Champions
1995 Eduardo Sosa Dominican Republic Santo Domingo T-3rd Place
1996 Matías Ramón Mella Dominican Republic San Isidro Air Base T-3rd Place
1997 Linda Vista Mexico Guadalupe Champions
1998 Puerto Rico Bayamón Linda Vista Mexico Guadalupe Group Stage
1999 Mexico Monterrey Juan A. Bibiloni Puerto Rico Yabucoa T-3rd Place
2000 Sierra Maestra Venezuela Maracaibo Champions
2001 Panama Panama City Santiago de Veraguas Panama Santiago de Veraguas Group Stage
2002 Nicaragua Managua Los Leones Venezuela Valencia Quarterfinals
2003 Puerto Rico Mayagüez Altagracia Venezuela Los Puertos Quarterfinals
2004 Panama Panama City Curundú Panama Panama City Quarterfinals
2005 Venezuela Maracaibo Los Leones Venezuela Valencia Group Stage
2006 Guatemala Guatemala City Cardenales Venezuela Barquisimeto Quarterfinals
2007 Panama Panama City La Victoria Venezuela Maracaibo Quarterfinals
2008 Venezuela Maracaibo Coquivacoa Venezuela Maracaibo Quarterfinals
2009 Colombia Barranquilla Coquivacoa Venezuela Maracaibo Group Stage
2010 Guatemala Guatemala City Chitré Panama Chitré Group Stage
2011 Costa Rica San José Gran Maracay Venezuela Maracay Int'l Semifinal
2012 Panama Aguadulce Aguadulce Panama Aguadulce 4th Place
2013 Ecuador Guayaquil Aguadulce Panama Aguadulce Int'l Semifinal
2014 Nicaragua Managua Coquivacoa Venezuela Maracaibo Round 3
2015 Colombia Barranquilla Cardenales Venezuela Barquisimeto Int'l Semifinal
2016 Panama Panama City Aguadulce Panama Aguadulce 3rd place
2017 Colombia Barranquilla Luz Maracaibo Venezuela Maracaibo Round 3


As of the 2017 Little League World Series

Country Championships Best Result in LLWS
Venezuela Venezuela 19 Champions (1994, 2000)
Mexico Mexico 15 Champions (1957, 1958, 1997) 
Panama Panama 9 Runners-up
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 7 3rd Place
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 7 Runner up
Nicaragua Nicaragua 2 3rd Place
Curaçao Curaçao 1 5th Place

Italics indicates team no longer competes in Latin America Region. Mexico now has its own region, while Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Curaçao compete in the Caribbean region.

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