Little Leaper

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Little Leaper
Lakemont Park
Coordinates 40°28′18″N 78°23′44″W / 40.47155°N 78.39543°W / 40.47155; -78.39543Coordinates: 40°28′18″N 78°23′44″W / 40.47155°N 78.39543°W / 40.47155; -78.39543
Status Operating
General statistics
Type Steel
Manufacturer Allan Herschell Company
Designer Bradley and Kaye
Model Little Dipper
Track layout Oval
Inversions 0
Little Leaper at RCDB
Pictures of Little Leaper at RCDB

Little Leaper is a steel roller coaster at Lakemont Park in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It's a standard Allan Herschel Little Dipper kiddie coaster just for kids. The park currently does not allow teens and adults on it.


  • On September 2, 1991, Chris Wickfield, a seventeen-year-old ride attendant, got dragged away by the coaster and lost his right leg after it got mangled between the train and its track/chain. The incident is featured on Rescue 911.