Little Miss Thoroughbred

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Little Miss Thoroughbred
Directed by John Farrow
Screenplay by Albert DeMond
Starring John Litel
Frank McHugh
Ann Sheridan
Release date
Running time
65 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Little Miss Thoroughbred is a 1938 film directed by John Farrow.


Knowing her father's out there somewhere, little Janet runs away from an orphanage. A couple of gamblers, Nails Morgan and Todd Harrington, are running late to get a wager down, but Nails lies to a cop, O'Reilly, pretending the little girl is his daughter. Janet eagerly goes along.

Madge Perry is charmed by her sweetheart Nails's new "child." The superstitious Nails wins at a dice game with the little girl nearby, so Madge convinces him that Janet is good luck. Madge picks a sure thing at the racetrack, having gotten a tip, but pretends it was Janet who suggesting betting on the horse.

O'Reilly brings his own daughter by for a visit. Discovering what's going on, he says Janet can only stay if Nails and Madge immediately get married. They do, but after Janet's photo runs in the newspaper, the orphanage feels being around gamblers is bad for the child and asks to regain custody. Nails wins in court, but only by vowing to find a proper job.


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