Little Niangua Suspension Bridge

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Little Niangua Suspension Bridge
Bfmo little niangua.jpg
The Little Niangua Suspension bridge looking west
Coordinates 38°03′55″N 92°54′34″W / 38.0652°N 92.9094°W / 38.0652; -92.9094Coordinates: 38°03′55″N 92°54′34″W / 38.0652°N 92.9094°W / 38.0652; -92.9094
Carries Route J
Crosses Little Niangua River
Locale Camden County, Missouri
Width 20 Feet
Longest span 225 Feet
Constructed by Clinton Bridge Company
Opened 1987

The Little Niangua Suspension Bridge is a Little Niangua River crossing in Camden County, Missouri on Route J. It is a two lane heavy vehicle bridge.


The bridge was constructed in 1987 by the Clinton Bridge Company. It was designed as a self-anchored bridge.

Status of bridge[edit]

The bridge is still in use today and is in good condition; however it was closed in October 2007 for much needed repairs. These repairs included fixing movement underneath the deck.

Bridge Measurements[edit]

  • Main Span- 225 Feet
  • Side Spans- 112 Feet
  • Deck Width- 20 Feet


Coordinates: 38°03′55″N 92°54′34″W / 38.0652°N 92.9094°W / 38.0652; -92.9094