Little Octobrists

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For a political party in Imperial Russia, see Octobrist
Little Octobrist badge (the mid-1980s design)
Badge with an older design

Little Octobrists (Russian: Октября́та, romanizedOktyabryata About this soundlisten ; singular, Russian: Октябрёнок, romanized: Oktyabryonok), is a Soviet term that first appeared in 1923-1924, and at that time referred to children born in 1917, the year of the October revolution. Later, the term was used as the name of a youth organization for children between 7 and 9 years of age. After the age of nine, in the 3rd grade, Little Octobrists would typically join the Young Pioneer organization.

Little Octobrists were organized in groups each representing one school grade level. The group was divided into subgroups called little stars (Russian: звёздочки, romanized: zvyozdochki), of five children each. Each group of Little Octobrists was under the leadership of one Young Pioneer from the Young Pioneer detachment. Every Little Octobrist wore a ruby-coloured five-pointed star badge with the portrait of Vladimir Lenin in his childhood. The symbol of the group was the little red flag.

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