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Little Princess
Genre Children's television series
Opening theme "Little Princess"
Ending theme "Little Princess" (Instrumental)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Executive producer(s) Edward Foster
Iain Harvey
Producer(s) Edward Foster
Jeff Foster
Running time 25 minutes
Production company(s) Illuminated Film Company
Distributor Viacom International Media Networks Europe
Original network Milkshake!
Picture format HDTV (2006–2010)
Audio format Solby Surround
Original release October 9, 2006 (2006-10-09) – May 2, 2010 (2010-05-02)

Little Princess is a British children's television series created by The Illuminated Film Company. Directed by Edward Foster, it debuted in the United Kingdom in 2006 and is currently shown in the UK as part of Channel 5's Milkshake! and – as Y Dywysoges Fach – in the children's programming strand Cyw on the Welsh language channel S4C.

In English, the stories are narrated by Julian Clary, who also provides the voice of the cat Puss. Jane Horrocks provides the voice of the Little Princess. The series is based on the original books by Tony Ross and follows the success of Ross's 1986 book 'I Want My Potty', which was also turned into a 5-minute short film.

Great Uncle Walter is voiced by Brian Blessed and General, Prime Minister, Gardener, and Chef are all voiced by Colin McFarlane.

In other countries[edit]

The show is also broadcast in, amongst other countries:

  • Brazil - as Pequena Princesa
  • Portugal - as A Princesinha
  • China – as Xiǎo gōngzhǔ
  • Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina – as Mala princeza
  • Finland – as Pikku prinsessa
  • France/Canada – as Petite princesse
  • Germany – as Kleine Prinzessin
  • Hungary - as Kis királylány
  • Iceland - as Litla prinsessa
  • Japan - as Ritoru Ojo
  • Norway - as "Lille Prinsesse"
  • Poland – as Świat małej księżniczki
  • Romania - as Printesa mica
  • Russia - as Маленькая принцесса
  • Serbia (Montenegro and F.Y.R. Macedonia too) – as Mala princeza (Cyrillic: Мала принцеза)
  • Slovakia – as Malá princezná
  • Slovenia – as Mala kraljična
  • Spain/Latin America - as Pequeña Princesa
  • Sweden - as Lilla Prinsessan
  • Thailand - as เจ้าหญิงน้อย
  • Vietnam - as Công chúa nhỏ

Series 1 episode list[edit]

1. I Want My Tooth
2. I Don't Want Help
3. I Don't Want To Go To Bed
4. I Don't Know What To Be
5. I Want To Whistle
6. I Want My Dummy
7. I Can't Remember
8. I Don't Want A Bath
9. I Didn't Do It
10. I Don't Want To Comb My Hair
11. I Don't Like Salad
12. I Want To Do Magic
13. I Don't Want To Tidy Up
14. I Want A Trumpet
15. I Don't Want To Share
16. I Don't Like Worms
17. I Want My Voice Back
18. What's Wrong With Gilbert?
19. I Want A Tent
20. I Want To Win
21. I Don't Want A Cold
22. Maid's Day Off?
23. Can I Keep It?
24. I Want To Cook
25. I Don't Like Autumn
26. I Don't Want Nits
27. I Want My New Shoes
28. I Want My Snail
29. But They're Mine
30. I Want My Sledge

Series 2 episode list[edit]

31. I Want A Shop
32. It's Sports Day!
33. I Want To Be A Pirate
34. I Want To Go To The Fair.
35. I Want To Dress Up
36. I Want A Surprise
37. I Want My Bicycle
38. I Don't Want To Leave Home
39. I Want A Best Friend
40. I Don't Want To Kiss Great Aunty
41. I Want A Midnight Feast
42. I Want To Be Good
43. I Want My Crayons
44. I Want To Be Tall
45. I Want My Plaster
46. I Want A Swing
47. I Want To Be A Baby
48. I Want To Be A Cavegirl
49. I Want My Puppets
50. Mother's Day
51. I Want To Be An Explorer
52. I Want To Collect
53. I Want To Be Queen
54. I Want To Play Football
55. I Want To Play In The Rain
56. I Want Baked Beans
57. I Don't Want To Dance
58. I Want To Go On Holiday
59. I Want My Sheep
60. I Don't Want To Miss It
61. I Want To Do A Show
62. Can I Have It Back Now Please?
63. I Want To Find The Treasure
64. I Don't Like Thunderstorms
65. I Can Keep A Secret

Series 3 episode list[edit]

66. I Want My Horace
Great Uncle Walter's Shetland pony comes to stay

67. I Want My Treehouse
Princess competes with Algie and Maid to see who can build the best tree house

68. I Don't Like Arguments
Princess tries to paint but General George and Maid Mary are having a loud argument next door – can she help them to be friends again?

69. I Want To Skate
When the pond freezes over, Princess brags about how good she is at ice skating. Was she telling the truth?

70. I Want To Cut Out
Princess ruins her new dress after she plays with the scissors and glue. Will she manage to fix it before anyone notices?

71. I Want To Go To Space
Princess wants to go to space and explore but soon realizes that there is plenty to explore in the castle

72. I Want To Be A Bridesmaid
Princess finds the perfect dress and wedding cake to wear to be a bridesmaid but finding someone to get married isn't quite so simple...

73. I Want To Be A Detective
After someone eats all of the cookies belonging to Princess, she sets some traps to work out who it is

74. I Want Scruff
Algie visits the castle and teaches Scruff some tricks. Does he prefer Algie to Princess? When Algie climbs up the tree to free a frizz bee, something falls out his pocket and all is discovered.

75. I Want To Go To The Seaside
The castle people takes a trip to the beach, but it's empty and worse still, it has started to rain

76. I'm Going To Win The Rosette
Princess is desperate to win a golden rosette at the castle's pet annual talent contest

77. I Want To Sing
Princess is determined to win a singing competition but cannot come up with a perfect idea of a song to perform

78. I Want To Be a Vet
Princess wants to be a vet but looking after animals are harder work than she expected

79. I Want To Play A Joke
Algie keeps on playing tricks on Princess so she decides to be given her own back

80. Please Don't Go
A flock of geese mess up Admiral Adam's pond so he sadly decides to leave the castle to find a new pond

81. I Want A Gymkhana
When the General prepares a gymkhana at the castle, Princess and Horace make a great team

82. I Want To Be Strong
Princess helps General George become strong to impress Maid Mary

83. I Don't Want To Play The Piano
When Auntie April brings a piano to the castle, Princess decides to have a go on it. But she learns that playing it takes a lot of practice

84. Who Turned The Lights Off
Princess, her family, and friends are just preparing a birthday party for Great Uncle Walter when suddenly the electricity goes out. As nothing is working, they decide the party must be cancelled

85. I Want My Duck
Scruff finds three duck eggs which hatch and Princess cannot find their mother so has to look after them herself

86. I Want To Be A Policeman
Princess doesn't like being given rules so decides to become a policeman to give her family and friends the same rules she's given

87. I Want To Be A Nurse
When Princess plays nurses, Maid feels poorly so the nurse has to help her patient feel better

88. I Want Your Tiara
When Scruff finds a lost tiara, Princess decides to keep it until she finds it belonging to Maid Mary

89. I Want To Be Famous
Princess wants to become famous just like her Great Uncle Walter because he's been given a statue and decides that she needs one too.

90. I Want A New Bedroom
After Princess finds her parents bedroom redecorated she decides to redecorate her bedroom too. But choosing the right color of pattern is hard.

91. I Want To Skate
Princess keeps falling over when skating and hasn't learnt to skate yet. But she keeps trying her best to skate

92. I Want My Stick Insect
Princess looks after Great Uncle Walter's stick bug. But when it keeps on getting lost, it's hard to see what it looks like when finding it

93. I Want To Play Hide And Seek
When Prime Minister Pete, Admiral Adam, General George, and Princess play hide and seek, she never wins the game until she finds a secret room to hide in the castle. But soon everyone knows about her secret room.

94. I Want A Sleepover
Algie and Princess have a sleepover when she's too excited to go to bed when she thinks that there might be dragons in the castle

95. I Musn't Be Bossy
Princess and Algie open their cafes when they discover that organization is hard work and Algie doesn't like being told what to do

96. I Want To Go Camping
When everyone including Great Uncle Walter is locked out of their castles, the only place they can sleep in is in the tent outside

97. I Want A Pen Pal
Princess wants to receive a letter in the mail so decides that she needs a pen pal.

98. I Want My Robin
Princess is bird-watching but it is so hard to look at them when they fly off

99. I Want To Recycle
When the ice cream and drawing paper run out, Princess realizes that isn't good to waste things so she finds new ways to recycle old trash.

100. I Want My Go Kart
Princess and Great Uncle Walter team up for the go-kart race

Series 4 episode list[edit]

Series 4 will air in 2018.[2]


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