Little Queen

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Little Queen
Little Queen Heart.jpg
Cover photography by Bob Seidemann
Studio album by
Released14 May 1977
RecordedFebruary–April 1977[1]
StudioKaye Smith Studios, Seattle, Washington
GenreHard rock, folk rock
ProducerMike Flicker
Heart chronology
Dreamboat Annie
Little Queen
Singles from Little Queen
  1. "Barracuda" / "Cry to Me"
    Released: May 1977
  2. "Little Queen" / "Treat Me Well"
    Released: May 1977
  3. "Kick It Out" / "Go On Cry"
    Released: December 1977
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4.5/5 stars[2]
Rolling Stone(mixed)[4]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide3/5 stars[5]

Little Queen is the second studio album released by the American rock band Heart. It was released in May 1977 on Portrait Records, and re-released in 2004 with two bonus tracks.


The group intended Magazine to be the official follow-up album to the debut Dreamboat Annie. However, a contract dispute with their label, Mushroom Records, resulted in the group signing with the newly formed Portrait Records, a division of CBS Records (now Sony/BMG).[6]

The Mushroom contract called for two albums and the label took the position that they were owed a second one. On that basis, Mushroom attempted to prevent the release of Little Queen and any other work by Heart. They took the five unfinished tracks for Magazine and added a B-side and two live recordings. The first release of the album in early 1977 came with a disclaimer on the back cover.[6]

The dispute dragged on and ended with the court deciding that Heart was free to sign with a new label, but added that Mushroom was indeed owed a second album. So, Heart went back to the studio to rerecord, remix, edit, and resequence the Magazine recordings in a marathon session over four days. A court-ordered guard stood nearby to prevent the master tapes from being erased.[6]

Little Queen was released 14 May 1977 and Magazine was re-released 22 April 1978. With the hit single "Barracuda", Little Queen outsold Magazine handily, eventually achieving 3X Platinum status.[7] However, the almost contemporary release also gave the band the distinction of having all three of their albums on the charts at the same time.[6]


After the first album became a million seller, Mushroom took out a full-page ad in Rolling Stone magazine touting the band's success, using the headline "Million to One Shot Sells a Million".[8] The ad looked like the front page of a tabloid newspaper and included a photo from the Dreamboat Annie cover shoot. The caption read: "Heart's Wilson Sisters Confess: 'It Was Only Our First Time!'".[6]

Just after this ad appeared, a Detroit radio promoter asked Ann Wilson where her lover was (referring to sister, Nancy). Ann was outraged and retreated to her hotel room to write a song. When she relayed the incident to Nancy, she, too, was outraged. Nancy joined Ann and contributed a melody and bridge. The song became "Barracuda", which peaked on the charts at number 11[9] and remains one of the band's signature songs.

Track listing[edit]

Side one
1."Barracuda"Ann Wilson, Roger Fisher, Nancy Wilson, Michael DeRosier4:21
2."Love Alive"A. Wilson, Fisher, N. Wilson4:22
3."Sylvan Song" (instrumental)N. Wilson, Fisher2:12
4."Dream of the Archer"A. Wilson, Fisher, N. Wilson4:30
5."Kick It Out"A. Wilson2:45
Side two
6."Little Queen"A. Wilson, N. Wilson, Fisher, DeRosier, Howard Leese, Steve Fossen5:10
7."Treat Me Well"N. Wilson3:25
8."Say Hello"A. Wilson, Fisher, N. Wilson3:36
9."Cry to Me"A. Wilson, N. Wilson2:52
10."Go On Cry"A. Wilson, Fisher, N. Wilson5:53



Additional musicians[edit]

  • Lynn Wilson Keagle, Seal (Celia) Dunnington – vocals on "Cry to Me" and "Go On Cry"


  • Produced by Mike Flicker
  • Recording and Mix (Engineering) by Mike Flicker, Buzz Richmond and Winslow Kutz; Recorded at Kaye Smith Studios from February to April 1977
  • Mastered at Kendun Recorders
  • Mike Doud, Marilyn Romen – art direction
  • John Kehe – design
  • Bob Seidemann – photography
  • Michael Fisher – "special direction"
  • Tracks 1, 2, 4, 8 and 10 published by Wilsongs/Know Music/Play My Music. Track 3 published by Know Music/Play My Music. Track 5 published by Wilsongs. Track 6 published by Wilsongs/Know Music/Play My Music/Rosebud Music/Fozbass Music/Primal Energy Music. Track 7 published by Know Music. Track 9 published by Wilsongs/Know Music.



Country Organization Year Sales
USA RIAA 1994 3x Platinum (+ 3,000,000)[7]
Canada CRIA 1977 2x Platinum (+ 200,000)[27]


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