Little Red Riding Hood (1997 film)

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Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood (1997 film).jpg
Film poster
Directed by David Kaplan
Produced by
  • Rocco Caruso
  • Jasmine Kosovic
Written by David Kaplan
Cinematography Scott Ramsey
Running time
12 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Little Red Riding Hood is a 1997 black and white short film based on the traditional children's fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. Written and directed by David Kaplan, it features Christina Ricci in the title role.[1] The film bears similarities to some of the earliest versions of the fairytale, including the Italian "La finta nonna" (The False Grandmother).[2]


This version of the classic children's story employs elements of black comedy. The black-and-white scenario shows the forest of the tale, and narrator Quentin Crisp is the only voice heard in the film.

An androgynous anthropomorphized black wolf, portrayed by ballet dancer Timour Bourtasenkov, tries to trick Little Red Riding Hood. He successfully eats her grandmother, and then tries to eat her. However, she tricks him and survives. She is clever enough manage without being rescued by the huntsman, often included in versions of the tale, and does not "rescue" the eaten grandmother at all; she in fact eats her grandmother's flesh as well, even after being warned by a cat. She is thus portrayed, in another contrast to traditional depictions of the story, as being less than innocent.




  • Avignon Film Festival, 1998: Prix Panavision award, David Kaplan[3]
  • Avignon/New York Film Festival, 1998: Vision Award, Scott Ramsey[4]
  • Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival 1999: Certificate of Excellence — Best Cinematography, Scott Ramsey[5]

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