Little Saint James, U.S. Virgin Islands

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Little Saint James in the U.S. Virgin Islands
Little Saint James in the U.S. Virgin Islands
Location of Little Saint James in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Little Saint James is an island of the United States Virgin Islands, located off the east end of St. Thomas.

The island is privately owned by American financier and convicted sex offender[1] Jeffrey Epstein. There is a luxury estate on the Island and it is often used for conferences held by the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, which sponsors cutting-edge science and medical research. Recent conferences have included topics such as gravity, language evolution and global threats to the Earth. Many notable scientists have attended the conferences, including Marvin Minsky, Gerard 't Hooft and Stephen Hawking.[2]

The island hosts a helipad, a lagoon and cabanas. It also has a library, a Japanese bathhouse, and cinema.[3]


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Coordinates: 18°18′1″N 64°49′32″W / 18.30028°N 64.82556°W / 18.30028; -64.82556