Little Saskatchewan River

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Little Saskatchewan River
Little Saskatchewan River along with surrounding basin
Country Canada
Basin features
Main source Lake Audy
River mouth Assiniboine River
Basin size 3,600 km2 (1,400 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 185 kilometres (115 mi)

The Little Saskatchewan River is a river in western Manitoba. It originates in Riding Mountain National Park at Lake Audy and flows about 65 miles (105 km) south through the communities of Minnedosa and Rapid City. Its approximate length is 185 km. It joins the Assiniboine River about 6 miles (9.7 km) west of Brandon. The watershed has an area of 1,400 square miles (3,600 km2). The watershed includes numerous lakes and three man made reservoirs (Minnedosa Lake, Rapid City Reservoir and Lake Wahtopanah.

In 1911 the Geographic Board of Canada adopted the name Minnedosa River but restored the original name in 1978. Some early settlers to the area arrived when the river was in flood and thought it was the Saskatchewan River.[1]

The maximum mean daily discharge near Rivers, Manitoba was 3,640 cubic feet (103 m3) per second on April 14, 1969. Average annual runoff is about 115,000 acre feet (142,000,000 m3),[2] the equivalent of 1.4 inches (36 mm) from the entire area or about 7% of the total annual precipitation.

Little Saskatchewan River near its intersection with the Assiniboine River

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Coordinates: 49°52′18″N 100°07′12″W / 49.87167°N 100.12000°W / 49.87167; -100.12000