Little Scarlet

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Little Scarlet is a type of Fragaria virginiana, a wild strawberry, and the name of a jam made from it. The species of strawberry is from North America but this selection is grown only in Britain.[1]

This tiny berry is approximately one fifth the size of a commercially cultivated strawberry,[1] similar in size to the alpine[specify] or wood strawberry[specify]. The plant was brought to Britain in the 1900s by C.J. Wilkin, a member of the family who own the Wilkin & Sons conserve manufacturing company in Tiptree, Essex, following a visit to the United States where the plant grew wild.[2][1] The company seems to be the only commercial grower of this fruit anywhere in the world.[1] The Little Scarlet conserve sells in around fifty countries at prices up to US$19 for a 12 oz jar.[3]

Cultural references[edit]

According to her former chef, Queen Elizabeth II would eat the product when her preferred home-made jam is unavailable.[3]

Ian Fleming portrays James Bond's favorite breakfast to include the product in From Russia, with Love. Pulitzer Prize-winner Philip Roth often wrote about the product, including in Sabbath's Theater.[3]


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