Little Skellig

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Little Skellig
Little Skellig from the sea
Little Skellig is located in island of Ireland
Little Skellig
Little Skellig
Little Skellig (Ireland)
Location Atlantic Ocean
Coordinates 51°45′58″N 10°31′59″W / 51.766°N 10.533°W / 51.766; -10.533Coordinates: 51°45′58″N 10°31′59″W / 51.766°N 10.533°W / 51.766; -10.533
Area 8 ha (20 acres)[1]
Highest elevation 134 m (440 ft)[2]
County Kerry
Population 0

Little Skellig (Irish: Sceilig Bheag) is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, 11 km south-west of Valentia Island in County Kerry, Ireland.[2]


Little Skellig is the smaller of the two Skellig Islands, the other being Skellig Michael, 1 km to the south-west.[1] The island has a large bird population, including a colony of northern gannets which is the largest in Ireland,[1] and one of the largest in the world.[2] The island, together with Skellig Michael, is the centre of a 364 ha Important Bird Area established by BirdWatch Ireland in 2000.[1]


Landing on Little Skellig is not permitted.[2]

Popular culture[edit]

The "Skellige Isles" or "Skellige" in the series The Witcher is based on the Skellig Islands. The word Skellig(e) derives from the Irish (Gaeilge) "Sceilg", which can be translated into "Rock" or "Cliff".


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