Little Skellig

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Little Skellig
Little Skellig from the sea
Little Skellig is located in island of Ireland
Little Skellig
Little Skellig
Little Skellig (Ireland)
Location Atlantic Ocean
Coordinates 51°45′58″N 10°31′59″W / 51.766°N 10.533°W / 51.766; -10.533Coordinates: 51°45′58″N 10°31′59″W / 51.766°N 10.533°W / 51.766; -10.533
Area 8 ha (20 acres)[1]
Highest elevation 134 m (440 ft)[2]
County Kerry
Population 0

Little Skellig (Irish: Sceilig Bheag) is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, 11 km south-west of Valentia Island in County Kerry, Ireland.[2]


Little Skellig is the smaller of the two Skellig Islands, the other being Skellig Michael, 1 km to the south-west.[1] The island has a large bird population, including a colony of northern gannets which is the largest in Ireland,[1] and one of the largest in the world.[2] The island, together with Skellig Michael, is the centre of a 364 ha Important Bird Area established by BirdWatch Ireland in 2000.[1]


Landing on Little Skellig is not permitted.[3]


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