Little Taiwan

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Little Taiwan
Little Taiwan.JPG
LocationQimei, Penghu, Taiwan
Coordinates23°12′29″N 119°26′38″E / 23.208164°N 119.443810°E / 23.208164; 119.443810Coordinates: 23°12′29″N 119°26′38″E / 23.208164°N 119.443810°E / 23.208164; 119.443810
GeologyWave-cut platform

Little Taiwan (Chinese: 小臺灣; pinyin: Xiǎo Táiwān) is a wave-cut platform in Qimei Township, Penghu County, Taiwan.[1]

Visible at low tide, the platform has the shape of Taiwan. Together with the Double-Heart of Stacked Stones it is a tourist attraction on the island of Cimei.

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