Little Women II: Jo's Boys

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Little Women II: Jo's Boys
Los chicos de Jo.JPG
Screenshot of the opening logo from Wakakusa Monogatari Nan to Jō Sensei, produced by Nippon Animation
(Wakakusa Monogatari Nan to Jō Sensei)
Anime television series
Directed byKōzō Kusuba
Produced byYoshihiro Suzuki (Fuji TV)
Junzō Nakajima
Written byMichiru Shimada
Music byDavid Siebels
StudioNippon Animation
Original networkFuji TV
Original run January 17, 1993 December 19, 1993
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Little Women II: Jo's Boys, also known as Wakakusa Monogatari Nan to Jō Sensei (若草物語ナンとジョー先生, "Tale of Young Grass: Nan and Miss Jo") is a 1993 Japanese animated television series based on Louisa May Alcott's Little Men, produced by Nippon Animation. The title is taken from Jo's Boys, the title of the sequel to Little Men.

The series is the sequel to the studio's 1987 Tales of Little Women, an adaptation of Alcott's novel of the same name.



Josephine March has grown into womanhood about ten years since Tales of Little Women and is now married to the German Professor, Friedrich Bhaer. In the Plumfield farm-house that Aunt March had left her, Jo Bhaer has established a new school for her two sons, Robby and Teddy, nephews (Franz, Emil, Demi-John), niece (Daisy) and a gang of orphaned children, including Annie "Nan" Harding and a rough, street-wise adolescent named Dan. With the experience of a model childhood and a faithful and caring husband, Jo guides her pupils in their young lives; with song, music and play, the children are led through the joys and sorrows of life, work and play, rewards and punishments, getting involved in all sorts of mischief and adventure.


Jo's Boys aired on Fuji Television from 17 January 1993 to 19 December 1993 as part of Nippon Animation's World Masterpiece Theater.


The opening theme ("Ashita mo otenki") is performed by Akiko Kosaka.

Episode list and original air dates in 1993[edit]

  1. Welcome to Plumfield (January 17)
  2. Rivers and fields are the best classrooms! (January 24)
  3. Picking strawberries and the dark forest (January 31)
  4. The appointed box (February 7)
  5. The violinist's performance (February 14)
  6. Tommy Bang's business (February 21)
  7. I am Robinson Crusoe (February 28)
  8. First time making pumpkin pies (March 7)
  9. Gift for the toy king (March 14)
  10. The big war in pajamas (March 21)
  11. The rotten youth from town Dan (April 18)
  12. Plumfield's thunderstorm (April 25)
  13. Duel! Emil got angry (May 2)
  14. Dan and Teddy's secret (May 9)
  15. Buttercup's mayhem (May 23)
  16. The school's on fire! (May 30)
  17. So long, Dan! (June 6)
  18. Mother's here (June 13)
  19. Welcome to the dance (June 20)
  20. If we grow up what shall we be? (June 27)
  21. Please hit the teacher! (July 11)
  22. Letter from Mr. Page (August 1)
  23. The abandoned flower garden (August 8)
  24. Afraid to freely speak (August 15)
  25. Establishing a museum (August 22)
  26. I am not the thief! (August 29)
  27. Broken friendships (September 5)
  28. Words of explanation (September 12)
  29. Won't lose to a boy! (September 19)
  30. Clock sounds of a little wedding (September 26)
  31. Best way to use five dollars (October 17)
  32. I want to be a doctor! (October 24)
  33. Regarding father's decision (October 31)
  34. The ambassador on a snowy day (November 7)
  35. In the middle of a blizzard (November 14)
  36. Dan searches for a strong horse (November 21)
  37. Premonitions of going on a journey (November 28)
  38. Everybody's decisions (December 5)
  39. Naughty Jo riding a bicycle (December 12)
  40. Goodbye, Plumfield! (December 19)

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