Little World Beverages

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Little World Beverages Ltd
Industry Brewing
Hospitality and Entertainment
Beverage Distribution
Founded Fremantle, Western Australia
Headquarters O'Connor, Western Australia, Australia
Key people
Ian Cochrane, Chairman[1]
Ross Sudano, Chief Executive Officer
Nic Trimboli, Director[1]
Jamie Tomlinson, Director[1]
David Martin, Director[1]
Adrian Fini, Director[1]
Jason Markwart, Chief Financial Officer[2]
Alex Troncoso, Chief Brewer
Products Little Creatures
Pipsqueak Cider
Aspall Cyder (Australian Distribution)
White Rabbit Dark Ale
Parent Lion
Subsidiaries Little Creatures Brewing Pty Ltd
Little Green Steps Pty Ltd
Fremantle Harbour Properties Pty Ltd

Little World Beverages (LWB) is an Australian beverage and hospitality company, best known for its ownership of the Little Creatures brewery. Although often associated with the independent craft brewery movement in Australia, Little World Beverages is owned by the giant Japanese-controlled beverages company Lion Nathan, who acquired the company in 2012.[3]

The company was launched in November 2000 by several ex-staff and shareholders of the Matilda Bay Brewing Company (which had been sold to Carlton & United Beverages). The company was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 20 October 2005, using the ticker symbol LWB.


Little Creatures Brewing Pty Ltd is the brewing subsidiary of Little World Beverages Pty Ltd and currently operates out of one brewery in Fremantle, WA, Australia with a second brewery built in Geelong, Victoria, which opened Tuesday 10 December 2013.[4]

The brewery has a stable of four beer brands.

Little Creatures Pale Ale was the brewery's original beer and continues to be its flagship; a mid strength ale (Rogers) is also brewed, along with a Pilsner and a "bright" ale (Little Creatures Bright Ale).

Alongside these staples brands, Little Creatures also produce Single Batch releases - in "pint-sized" (568ml) - bottles. Examples have included a Brown Ale, an Imperial India Pale Ale, A Märzen and an Oatmeal Stout.

In March 2009, LWB opened a second brewery - known as the White Rabbit brewery - in Healesville, Victoria, Australia. White Rabbit is a smaller operation than Little Creatures, with distinct branding and products. They currently market White Rabbit Dark Ale and White Rabbit White Ale. A hospitality facility operates alongside brewing operations. The Healesville brewery is also where the Pipsqueak Cider is produced.[5]

A second Little Creatures brewery was constructed at a former woolen mill site in Geelong Victoria, with construction completed in late 2013.[6]

In February 2009, it was announced that LWB had taken a 20% stake in the Stone & Wood Brewing Co. based in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.[5] In 2012 Cook, Rogers and Jurisich bought back the 20 per cent share of its business held by Lion following that company's takeover of Little World Beverages.[7]


Little World Beverages operates three hospitality/entertainment venues: Fremantle, WA, Little Creatures Dining Hall, Fitzroy, Vic; and a third venue in White Rabbit Cellar Door, Healesville, Vic.


Little World Beverages is the exclusive Australian distributor of Aspall Cyder, one of England's oldest cider makers.