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Little and Large
Little and Large and Susie Silvey.jpg
Medium Film, television, stand-up, music, books
Genres Observational comedy, musical comedy, satire,
Subject(s) marriage, everyday life, current events, pop culture

Little and Large were a British comedy double act comprising straight man Syd Little (Born Cyril Mead in 1942) and comic Eddie Large (Born Edward McGinnis in Glasgow in 1941). They formed their partnership in 1962, originally appearing as singers in local pubs around north-west England. After deciding to concentrate on comedy, Little and Large's big break came in 1971 when they appeared on ITV talent show Opportunity Knocks. They went on to win the show, which turned them into household names virtually overnight.[1] Within five years, the duo had their own primetime show called The Little and Large Telly-Show (later called The Little and Large Show). This began with a pilot episode in 1976, which earned the pair a commission for a series beginning in 1977 on ITV. The series transferred to BBC1 from 1978, where it remained until the show was finally cancelled in 1991.

Eddie Large was generally the funny man while Syd Little was the more serious 'straight guy'. Eddie Large performed a number of impressions, particularly cartoon characters like Deputy Dawg and Woody Woodpecker,[2] while Syd Little simply stood next to him, looking perplexed and distressed.

They continued to appear in theatres and pantomimes, including "Babes in the Woods" written by Ian Billings. The two were at the peak of their popularity, along with Cannon and Ball, in the 1980s. However, as mainstream comedy moved away from their pantomimish style towards alternative comedy, their popularity dwindled.

Eddie Large was told that he might have a heart attack at any moment. The partnership split up when Eddie Large had to have a heart transplant.[2]

Syd Little performs on cruise ships, notably on the QE2 during September 2007, and used to run The "Little" Restaurant at The Strawberry Gardens pub and now runs a restaurant in The oldest pub in his hometown of Fleetwood called The Steamer. Eddie Large also remains in showbusiness. Eddie Large revealed in an interview in 2010 that he had not spoken to Syd Little for several years.[3]

Syd is a member of the showbiz association Christians In Entertainment run by Pastor Chris Gidney.

In 2018, both Little and Large appeared on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway featuring in their sketch serial "Saturday Knight Takeaway".[4]


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