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In programming a limited and controlled 'space' where experimental code can be executed and the potential (or real) damaging effects of the code are limited.

In Java the sandbox is an inbuilt feature of all applets in an attempt to limit the possibility of damage and encourage use.

It's very surprising that I'm the one creating the Sandbox!!!

Usually, a Sandbox page is created to try out WikiFormattingRules...

I just wanted it to add a SignaturePage -- eventi

OK, after a brief BrainFart, I've finally remembered that the SandBox uses OldStyleWikiWords

Did I get logged in from the library?

This to show my cousin Gail how to edit a Wikipedia page. Visit the USS Indianapolis page. I'm a fan of Richard Hooker. I also like music by Basia.
<>< Tim Chambers, 9/15/01


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Just a quick test of something



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New para.


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