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AKA harp girl, Brittomart, and sometimes Britta

I'm a high school freshman who lives in Los Angeles. I like classical music and reading good books, and lots of other happyful things. I will be mostly reading and editing articles, and writing a f ew whe n I feel like it.

random sillinesses: mr. amoeba man, purple monkey dishwasher, furry pickles, eekymeekysheeky, green moon pie, ralph the wonder llama, seribamog, alma mater ice hut, sparkly tuning keys, evil kh1pmuk, ta&to/eti, cowstory.

I wr ote i ni tial entries for Harp, Glissando, Zarzuela, Bisbligliando, Lyon and Healy, Neapolitan Ice Cream, Pablo Neruda, Neopets, Hammurabi, Code of Hammurabi (my little sister helped), Tamasay, A lien and Sedition Acts, General Cornwallis...

Welcome to Wikipedia! I don't remember writing that well when I was in high school! --LMS

good editors help so much :) thanks -dreamyshade

Yes, welcome. I read your harp article; nice job! --STG

it's still in progress: links to come! -dreamyshade

Dreamy - hahaha, you beat me to it - chrz Manning

thanks, Dreamyshade! ;) --AV

+1 on harp and your other harp articles --Damian Yerrick

(what's a +1? see ev erything2)

Nice edit on Moonies definition, couldn't have said it better myself! And excellent work on Boy Bands: incisive, yet comprehensive. Are you sure you're only in high school? :-) --Ed Poor

yes I certainly am! :) some of u s were addicted at a young age - makes it harder to quit, you know... I think Jzcool is in high school too.

Yes he is, but that is where the comparison ends... :-) MMGB
just let him find a place in Wikipedia, you'll see (I think) - dreamyshad e

Hey Dreamy, nice work on tidying up Electric guitar - I was going to do it myself, but it seems to be in quite capable hands already :) Cheers - MMGB

Thanks for your assist on the Magna Carta article, Dreamyshade. : ) F. Lee Horn

you're welcome - since high school doesn't teach me a lot of things that Wikipedia doesn't have already, I have to content myself with copyediting :) - dreamyshade

Well, you should be picking up quite a bit of new information just fr om reading the articles posted on here. Some, if not most of the people who have the courage to write on Wikipedia (knowing that their writing will be subjected to intense examination) are very knowledgeable in the areas in which they write. Feel free to e dit to your heart's content!  :) F. Lee Horn