Littoral Department

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Not to be confused with Litoral Department.
Map highlighting the Littoral Department
Map highlighting the Littoral Department
Coordinates: 6°22′N 2°26′E / 6.367°N 2.433°E / 6.367; 2.433Coordinates: 6°22′N 2°26′E / 6.367°N 2.433°E / 6.367; 2.433
Country  Benin
Capital Cotonou
 • Total 79 km2 (31 sq mi)
Population (2013 census)
 • Total 678,874
 • Density 8,600/km2 (22,000/sq mi)
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Littoral is one of the twelve departments of Benin. Littoral is the smallest department of all of the twelve in the country, as well as the most cosmopolitan. The area is 79 km2 (31 sq mi).

The Fon people group represent 48% of the departmental population, including the Guns at 15.2%. The Yoruba people are the second largest group at about 18% of the populace, Bariba 8%, Aja 6%, Ottamari 4%, Dendi 5%, Fulani/Peulh 3%, . Other groups from the rest of the country such as the Kotokolis, Yoa-Lokpa as well as foreign residents from neighboring countries and others such as Lebanese, Chinese and Europeans constitute the rest of the population

The département of Littoral was created in 1999 when it was split off from Atlantique Department.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Littoral is only subdivided into just one commune/city, Cotonou, the largest in the country and the economic capital; which is further subdivided into 13 arrondissements; which are further subdivided into 165 neighborhoods.

Communes of the Littoral department


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