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Regions with significant populations
 Belarus 66[1]
 Ukraine 22[2]
local dialect

In historical context, Litvin (Belarusian: літвін, ліцвін, litvin, litsvin; Russian: литвин, litvin, Ukrainian: литвин, lytvyn; Polish: Litwin) referred to Slavic people identifying themselves with the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

The term may specifically refer to ethnic Belarusians[3][4] in historical contexts. In other contexts, it can also refer to Slavic people identifying themselves with the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania in present-day Lithuania and Belarus, as well in Ukraine, western Russia and parts of Poland. In modern Belarus, the term is used by some to stress Belarusian participation and contributions to the former Grand Duchy.[4][5]

Particularly, a Belarusian philologist Francysk Skaryna enrolled into Cracow University as Litvin, but later he enrolled as Rusyn (Ruthenians) into Padua University. Symon Budny is another example of Litvin who also considered himself Belarusian at the same time.

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