Liu Bin-Di

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Liu Bin-Di
Died 1944
Allegiance Flag of the Republic of China Republic of China
Years of service 1940s
Rank Chief
Commands held Kuomintang Secret Police Officer
Battles/wars Ili Rebellion

Liu Bin-Di (Xiao'erjing: ﻟِﯿَﻮْ بٍ دِ‎) was a Hui Muslim KMT officer in Xinjiang, working for the Republic of China government and was sent by Ürümqi to subdue the Hui area. Turkic Muslim rebels backed by the Soviet Union were revolting against the Republic of China. His mission failed due to being long overdue.[1] Liu was killed by Turkic Muslim rebels in Ghulja in November, 1944, which started the Ili Rebellion.


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