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Liu Di (Traditional: 劉荻; Simplified: 刘荻; Pinyin: Liú Dí; born October 9, 1981), writing under the screen name "Stainless Steel Rat" (不锈钢老鼠), named after the assertive Harry Harrison SF character, became a high-profile symbol for democracy and free speech in China since her detention in November 2002. Her screenname is often translated as Stainless Steel Mouse.


Liu Di graduated as a psychology major from Beijing Normal University.

Liu's case comes during a crackdown on Internet content—from politics to pornography—and as the government struggles to gain control over a new and popular medium.

The reasons for Liu's detention were satirizing the CCP online and calling for the release of other "cyber-dissidents." Her arrest caused a flurry of worldwide media protest.

She was freed from Beijing's Qincheng prison on Friday, November 28, 2003. Two other "cyber-dissidents", Wu Yiran, and Li Yibin, were also freed from a jail for political detainees.

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