Liu Hsing-chin Comic Museum

Coordinates: 24°42′22″N 121°10′58″E / 24.70611°N 121.18278°E / 24.70611; 121.18278
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Liu Hsing-chin Comic Museum
EstablishedMarch 2005
LocationHengshan, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
Coordinates24°42′22″N 121°10′58″E / 24.70611°N 121.18278°E / 24.70611; 121.18278
Public transit accessNeiwan Station
Museum exhibition

The Liu Hsing-chin Comic Museum (traditional Chinese: 劉興欽漫畫暨發明展覽館; simplified Chinese: 刘兴钦漫画暨发明展览馆; pinyin: Liúxìngqīn Mànhuà Jì Fāmíng Zhǎnlǎnguǎn) is a museum about the comics creator Liu Hsing-chin, located in Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan.[1][2]


The museum building used to be the old administration building of the Taiwan Railways Administration. With the help from Jiuzantou Cultural Association, funding was secured from the Council for Cultural Affairs to transform the old building to a comic wonderland. The museum opened in March 2005.[1]


The museum is accessible within walking distance west from Neiwan Station of the Taiwan Railways.[citation needed]

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