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A Children's Puppet Show by Liu Songnian
"Three Sages Appreciating Antique" by Liu Songnian. Polychrome on silk. Southern Song Dynasty (abt 1300 CE). Private collection.
"Four Generals of Zhongxing" by Liu Songnian: Depicted were four generals regarded by Liu as having contributed greatly to the defence of Southern Song: Yue Fei (second from left), Zhang Jun (fourth from left), Liu Guangshi (second from right) and Han Shizhong (fourth from right)

Liu Songnian (刘松年 or traditional Liu Sung-nien) (1174–1224 CE), was a Chinese landscape painter during the early Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279). He was active from about 1190-1230 and is considered one of the Four Masters of the Southern Song dynasty, which also included Li Tang, Ma Yuan and Xia Gui.[1] He studied and worked at the Imperial Academy of Painting in Hangzhou, capital of the Southern Song dynasty.

Liu entered the Southern Song Imperial Academy of Painting as a student in 1189, and went on to become a painter-in-attendance from 1190-1194.[2] During the reign of Emperor Ningzong of Song,he received a prestigious award for his work. Liu followed the tradition of Li Tang. Liu's style influenced the work of Ma Yuan and Xia Gui.[2]


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