Liu Taigong

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Liu Taigong
Spouse Lady Wang
Issue Liu Bo, Prince of Wu Ai 武哀王劉伯
Liu Xi, Prince Qing of Dai 代顷王刘喜
Liu Bang, Emperor Gaozu 太祖高皇帝劉邦
Liu Jiao, Prince Yuan of Chu 楚元王劉交

Liu Taigong (simplified Chinese: 刘太公; traditional Chinese: 劉太公; pinyin: Liú Tàigōng; died 197 BC), literally meaning a senior person named Liu, was the father of Liu Bang, the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, which reigned for over 400 years. He was honored the title Taishang Huang (meaning Grand Emperor) after Liu Bang declared himself emperor. He died at the Royal Palace of Xiang Yang in 197 BC.

His name is not clear. Some historical sources says his name is Liu Zhijia (simplified Chinese: 刘执嘉; traditional Chinese: 劉執嘉), although this name is likely chosen after Liu Bang became Emperor.

The "Tomb of the Grand Emperor of Han" (漢太上皇陵), in Xi'an, Shaanxi


Honorary titles
Title last held by
King Zhuangxiang of Qin
Retired Emperor of China
201 BC – 197 BC
Title next held by
Emperor Hui of Jin