Liu Yu, Prince of Lu

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Liu Yu
Prince of Huaiyang (淮陽王)
In office
155 BC (155 BC) – 154 BC (154 BC)
MonarchEmperor Jing
Prince of Lu (魯王)
In office
154 BC (154 BC) – 128 BC (128 BC)
MonarchEmperor Jing, Emperor Wu
Personal details
Died128 BC
MotherConsort Cheng
FatherEmperor Jing

Liu Yu (simplified Chinese: 刘馀; traditional Chinese: 劉餘; pinyin: Líu Yú; died 128 BC) was a prince of the Western Han Dynasty. He was the fifth son of Emperor Jing. His mother was Consort Cheng (程妃). In 155 BC he was instated as Prince of Huaiyang (淮陽王), but a year later his title was later changed to Prince of Lu (魯王).


Three Kingdoms era warlord Liu Biao was Liu Yu's descendant, as well as his sons Liu Qi and Liu Cong.[1]


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