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Liu Zhenya, President & CEO of SGCC

Liu Zhenya (Chinese: 刘振亚) (born 1952) is Chairman of State Grid Corporation of China.


Liu Zhenya is a native of Shandong province. He graduated from the Shandong Industrial Institute in engineering, and joined the CPC in 1984. He has spent his career in the state power administration. Liu served as director of the Shandong Provincial Electric Power Bureau until 1997. He is currently president of the State Grid Corporation of China and an alternate member of the 17th CPC Central Committee.[1]

Liu Zhenya has been President of State Grid since 2004. The Times reported that he had "been forced into fire-fighting outrage at home after the worst snowstorms in half a century crippled power lines, blacked out cities and brought the electrified railways to a standstill."[2]


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