Liudmyla Suprun

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Liudmyla Suprun
Liudmyla Suprun.jpg
Liudmyla Suprun in 2007
Personal details
Born (1965-01-07) 7 January 1965 (age 52)[1]
Zaporizhia, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union[1]
Political party People's Democratic Party
Spouse(s) Mikolai Suprun[1]
Children Tetjana (1986), Vladyslava[1]
Residence Kiev, Ukraine[1]
Occupation Politician, Businesswoman[1]

Liudmyla Pavlivna Suprun (Ukrainian: Людмила Павлівна Супрун) (born January 7, 1965 in Zaporizhia[1]) is a Ukrainian politician and former candidate in the 2010 Ukrainian presidential election.


After graduating from the Kiev State University Suprun worked as an academic researcher till 1992. Since then she worked in the field of agriculture. In 1997 Suprun was recognized as "Business Woman Ukraine 1997".

During the Ukrainian parliamentary election, 1998 she was elected into the Ukrainian parliament for constituency #100 in Kirovohrad Oblast where she became a member of the faction of the People's Democratic Party. In 2002 Suprun was re-elected on a Labour Ukraine ticket[2] as part of For United Ukraine.[1] At the parliamentary elections 2006 the People's Democratic Party took part in the alliance "Block of people's democratic parties" (Ukrainian: Блоку народно-демократичних партій) (together with the Democratic Union and the Democratic Party of Ukraine) but this alliance did not overcome the 3% threshold (winning only 0.49% of the votes) and therefore no seats. After taking responsibility for the defeat Valeriy Pustovoitenko resigned as leader of the People's Democratic Party. In his place the party was led by Suprun. In the 2007 elections, the People's Democratic Party failed again as part of Election Bloc Liudmyla Suprun - Ukrainian Regional Asset to win parliamentary representation.[3] The current Chairman of the party is still Liudmyla Suprun.[4]

Suprun was a candidate in the 2010 Ukrainian presidential election nominated by People's Democratic Party,[5][6][7] during the election she received 0,19% of the votes.[8]

Suprun tried to return to parliament in the 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary election as an independent candidate, single-member districts number 101 (first-past-the-post wins a parliament seat) located in Kirovohrad Oblast; but she finished third in this district with 17.1% of the votes.[9]

Suprun did not participate in the 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election.[10]