Liuguanghe Bridge

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Liuguanghe Bridge
Liuguanghe Bridge-2.jpg
Coordinates 26°59′10″N 106°24′39″E / 26.9862°N 106.4109°E / 26.9862; 106.4109Coordinates: 26°59′10″N 106°24′39″E / 26.9862°N 106.4109°E / 26.9862; 106.4109
Carries Kokudou 321(China).svg China National Highway 321
Crosses Wu River (Yachi)
Locale Liu Guangzhen, Guizhou
Height 297 metres (974 ft)
Longest span 240 metres (790 ft)
Opened 2001
Liuguanghe Bridge is located in China
Liuguanghe Bridge
Liuguanghe Bridge
Location in China

Liuguanghe Bridge is a 305[1] metre high beam bridge at Liu Guangzhen, Guizhou, China. It held the record for world's highest bridge between 2001 and 2003, surpassing the 72-year-old 291 m (955 ft) high Royal Gorge Bridge, until the opening of the 366 m (1,201 ft) Beipan River Guanxing Highway Bridge. As of 2011, it is still the highest beam bridge and is among the twenty highest bridges in the world.

The Liuguanghe Bridge forms part of China National Highway 321 between Bijie and Guiyang and has a 240 metre long span. The highest pillar, which sits on the edge of a steep, deep valley is 90 metres high.

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