Liutgard of Saxony (died 885)

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Liutgard of Saxony
Queen of the Franks
Liutgard von Sachsen.jpg
Liutgard in the pedigree of the Ottonian dynasty, Chronica sancti Pantaleonis, Cologne, 12th century
Queen consort of the Franks
East Frankish queen
Tenure 876–882
Predecessor Hemma
Successor Richardis
Queen consort of Lotharingia
Tenure 876/80–882
Predecessor Adelaide of Paris
Successor Richardis
Queen consort of Bavaria
Tenure 880–882
Predecessor Hemma
Successor Richardis
Born c.  845
Died 17 November 885 (aged 39–40)
Burial Aschaffenburg, Franconia
Spouse Louis the Younger
Burchard I, Duke of Swabia
Issue Louis
Burchard II, Duke of Swabia
House House of Brunonen (by birth)
Carolingian dynasty (by first marriage)
Hunfridings (by second marriage)
Father Liudolf, Duke of Saxony
Mother Oda Billung

Liutgard of Saxony (c. 845 – 17 November 885) was Queen of the Franks (East Frankish queen) from 876 until 882 by her marriage with King Louis the Younger.


She was born between 840 and 850, the daughter of the Saxon count Liudolf (805/20–866), a progenitor of the Ottonian dynasty (Liudolfings), and his wife Oda of Billung (805/06–913).

Liutgard was especially noted for her strong will and political ambition, a reliable supporter of her husband. She is seen as a driving force behind King Louis' struggle with the West Frankish king Charles the Bald around the possession of Lotharingia, culminating in the 876 Battle of Andernach and ending in the final acquisition of the Lotharingian realm by the 880 Treaty of Ribemont.

Marriages and issue[edit]

Before 29 November 874, Liutgard married the Carolingian ruler Louis the Younger (830/835–882), second son of King Louis the German, at Aschaffenburg, Franconia.[1] They had two children:

After Louis' death, she married[citation needed] in 882 the Hunfriding duke Burchard I of Swabia (855/60–911). They had three children:



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German royalty
Preceded by
Adelaide of Paris
Queen consort of Lotharingia
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Emma of Altdorf
Queen consort of East Francia
Queen consort of Bavaria