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Live may refer to:


  • Edel Live, a South Korean paraglider design

Film, television, and media[edit]



Information and communication technologies[edit]

  • Windows Live, the collective brand name for a group of Microsoft services currently under development
  • Microsoft Office Live, an Internet-based software service
  • Live coding, on-the-fly computer programming
  • Live Search, The search engine previously known as MSN from Microsoft
  • Xbox Live, online gaming service for Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox 360 video game consoles
  • YouTube Live, online annual live streaming event broadcast by YouTube
  • Ableton Live, a software music sequencer
  •, a peer-to-peer live streaming platform to watch people live code products.
  • Live CD, an operating system that can boot and run from a read-only medium instead of a hard disk drive
  • Live USB, a live operating system that runs off a USB flash drive
  • AMD Live!
  • .live, top-level domain in the Domain Name System of the Internet


  • Live fire exercise, an exercise (often military in nature) conducted under realistic conditions, or using real ammunition




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