Live: Brixton Academy '85

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Live: Brixton Academy '85
Live Brixton Academy 85.jpg
Live album by
Released16 November 2004 (UK)
LabelEel Pie
Pete Townshend chronology
Pete Townshend Live BAM 1993
Live: Brixton Academy '85

Live: Brixton Academy '85 is a live album by Pete Townshend. In 2004 Townshend released the complete 1985 Brixton Academy concert, including all of the songs that were on Deep End Live! plus the David Gilmour solo classics "Love On the Air" and "Blue Light", and other songs.[1] The album was released 16 November 2004 in the UK through Eel Pie Recording Productions Ltd.[2]

Track Listing[2][edit]

Recorded November 1, 1985 at the Brixton Academy, London, England
1."Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand"2:50
2."Won't Get Fooled Again"5:36
3."A Little Is Enough"5:22
4."Secondhand Love"5:07
5."That's All Right, Mama"3:00
6."Behind Blue Eyes"4:25
7."The Shout"5:34
8."Harlem Shuffle"5:43
10."After the Fire"5:51
11."Love on the Air"5:45
12."Midnight Lover"5:13
13."Blue Light"10:11
14."I Put a Spell on You"4:18
15."I'm One"2:46
16."Driftin’ Blues"2:21
17."Magic Bus"4:09
18."Save It For Later"5:10
19."Eyesight to the Blind"4:20
21."Stop Hurting People"5:33
22."The Sea Refuses No River"6:56
23."Boogie Stop Shuffle"7:46
24."Face the Face"8:18
25."Pinball Wizard"7:22
26."Give Blood"4:02
27."Night Train"7:12


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