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Live album by Catch 22
Released November 2, 2004
Recorded August 30, 2004,
The Downtown
Farmingdale, New York
Genre Third-wave Ska
Length 53:18
Label Victory
Producer Pat Kays and Catch 22
Catch 22 chronology
Dinosaur Sounds
Permanent Revolution

Live! is Catch 22's first full-length live release, although fan-recorded live tracks were bonus features on several previous albums. Roughly a third of the album is devoted to Keasbey Nights, another third to Alone in a Crowd, and the remainder to Dinosaur Sounds. A bonus DVD includes footage from the concert, as well as a variety of extras. However, former frontman Tomas Kalnoky is conspicuously absent from the footage of the band's early days.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Welcome" 0:26
2. "Lamont's Lament" (Catch 22, Ryan Eldred) 1:46
3. "Rocky" (Catch 22, Ryan Eldred) 3:24
4. "It Takes Some Time" (Jeff Davidson, Ryan Eldred) 3:09
5. "On and On and On" (Tomas Kalnoky) 2:58
6. "Motown Cinderella" (Catch 22, Ryan Eldred) 2:13
7. "Riding the Fourth Wave" (Tomas Kalnoky) 1:25
8. "Sounds Good, But I Don't Know" (Jeff Davidson, Ryan Eldred) 1:49
9. "Sick and Sad" (Tomas Kalnoky) 2:23
10. "Chin Up" (Pat Calpin, Catch 22, Ryan Eldred) 2:59
11. "9mm and a 3 Piece Suit" (Tomas Kalnoky) 1:52
12. "Good Times" (Catch 22, Pat Kays, Ian McKenzie) 3:15
13. "Dear Sergio" (Tomas Kalnoky) 2:31
14. "Intro/Point the Blame" (Jeff Davidson, Ryan Eldred) 2:23
15. "Sincerely Yours" (Catch 22) 1:54
16. "Dreams of Venus" (Catch 22, Ryan Eldred) 3:11
17. "What Goes Around Comes Around" (Jeff Davidson, Ryan Eldred) 3:27
18. "Arm to Arm" (Jeff Davidson, Ryan Eldred) 2:19
19. "Keasbey Nights" (Tomas Kalnoky) 3:55
20. "Chasing the Moon" (Catch 22, Ryan Eldred) 1:14
21. "1234 1234" (Tomas Kalnoky) 4:45
Total length: 53:18

DVD Features[edit]

  • Footage of August 30, 2004 concert.
  • Embarrassing Photos (Photos of band members acting foolish)
  • On the Road (Home video footage from the band's tour bus)
  • At the Show (Footage from earlier concerts filmed by fans)
  • Humble Beginnings (Home videos and old photographs of band members)
  • Music Videos: Wine Stained Lips, Point the Blame, Hard to Impress