Live (industry sampler)

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Live (Industry Sampler)
Live album by
GenreAlternative rock
ProducerJimmy Newquist
Caroline's Spine chronology
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Live (Industry Sampler)

Live (Industry Sampler) is a live album by American alternative rock band Caroline's Spine. The collection features songs recorded live at various venues. It was only released for a short time and not to the average consumer.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Attention Please"
  2. "Again and Again"
  3. "True Star"
  4. "Open Fire"
  5. "King for a Day"
  6. "Nothing to Prove"
  7. "Necro"
  8. "Good Afternoon"
  9. "Jumpship"
  10. "Say it to You"
  11. "Haugh n Solo"
  12. "Wallflower"
  13. "Sullivan"
  14. "Psycho"

Band Lineup[edit]

  • Jimmy Newquist - vocals, guitar, bass
  • Mark Haugh - guitar, backing vocals
  • Jason Gilardi - drums and percussion
  • Scott Jones - bass, backing vocals